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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

{Sigh} of relief

Does anyone else out there breathe a sigh of relief when Christmas is over?
I think that makes me a bad mama. But it is what it is.   And at least I don't think any of our kiddos are the wiser about my shame.
It's no surprise that Christmas isn't my favorite holiday.  And I truly envy all of you who get so excited and decorate and have craft projects just for the holiday.
What's Christmas without a yo-yo?
Don't get me wrong.  We had a good one.  Well actually, we had a fabulous one!

Good golly are they sweet  when they share!
With ripping and tearing,
and prime rib and Yorkshire pudding,
and stockings and singing too.
I was undeservingly blessed with some awesome gifts!
The bike was FAR to big for him.  Off to make an exchange.  
My favorite was some RMB Papa tucked in my stocking.  Although he says it's not polite to talk about money, but I though you adoption gals would understand how amazingly romantic that was.
And there was a steady and constant stream of The Christmas Story playing all. day. long.
But it's still no Thanksgiving.  And it's certainly no 4th of July!
Toddler wielding scissors amid a sea of wrapping paper.  
Trying hard to head up the mountain before school starts back up and get in our share of snowball fights and sledding.


  1. I feel the same - so thankful when it's over - and dreading the weeks and days before. I had a lovely, peaceful day filled with God's spirit and Love - yet I still breath a sigh of relief when the day arrives and I can stop thinking about it!

  2. Gotta admit I feel the same way, I actually look forward to the day after Christmas for the sweet relief:)

  3. Yep, I'm with you. :) Loooovee the RMB gift! How thoughtful was that?!?

  4. TOTALLY with you. Christmas is a LOT of work. It seems like there is always a project that needs to be done, cookies to bake, parties to attend, and shopping to be done. Sigh. Christmas Day when it's all behind us... I can finally enjoy. But, those days and weeks before. Not easy.

  5. I'm with you too. We had a nice one, but I'm glad to return to normal. Could not WAIT to get the tree down and reclaim my living room space...did it yesterday, and it feels so good!

  6. I ABSOLUTELY breathed a sign of relief when the last ornament was tucked away and the wrapping paper finally cleaned up. Too much work. Too many expectations and too much room for disappointment.

    All that to say, it was lovely. I wish I enjoyed it more :) Love that papa gave you RMB - you're gonna need it!!!

  7. Ha - the tree is coming down today and it's heading to the recycling drop-off site later! I'm ready for 2012! :)


  8. You are not alone. Our daughter is almost ten and we have never made a big deal out of Christmas (as far as the retail end of things.) We barely decorate, but Lilly and I enjoy baking together and planning our little family only dinner. I remember growing up, how simpler things got the older we got! We had a nice meal, got handed a check and headed for the movies as a family. That's my kinda of Christmas!


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