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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Operation Super-stealth Conrad

Remember this post?
Conrad has gone dramatically down hill in the last 3 months.  It was getting bad.  Jude was waking up with random bits of stuffing in his bed each morning.

Well it got us thinkin'.  What if something were to happen to Conrad?  We'd be up the proverbial creek!  Jude would never ever forgive us!  And at the rate that Conrad was losing stuffing, that "something" was going to happen very soon!

Then the S word happened... scabies.  Conrad in the thick of the battle against the critters.  I just didn't know if he could take one more round with the washing machine!  He's gotten particularly fragile with all the lovin' that Jude pours out on him daily.  
Enter Build-A-Bear.  No, the 17 year old sales girl tells me, they don't make that kind of dog any more.   ...discontinued almost a year ago.  Maybe you could try the really super cute German Shepard stuffed dog?  They're almost the same!  She's obviously never had children.
Enter Ebay.  Papa's brilliant idea.  Jackpot!  With shipping it was less than Build-A-Bear.
Enter a fabulous story unfolded over a few days about a special trip Conrad would take to the dog groomer.  Everything else was getting cleaned anyway due to the critters.  Conrad was going to come home all clean and brushed and pretty!
After a bit of skepticism, he bought it.  
Hook, line, and sinker.  
Operation Super-stealth Conrad... successful!


  1. I love me a happy ending! Kids and their stuffies...the surprise us every time!

    Jude and Conrad II make an adorable pair!

  2. Brilliant! And EW on the scabies! Good luck!

    We had a similar issue with our son's stuffed panda. A work friend of my husbands way, way back gave it to Dude when he was 3 weeks old. He's had it ever since but it is looking mighty rough. The problem is that it was sold for a charity event and there was no possible way to get another one, and for a few years we went through a panic that we'd leave it in a hotel room or something awful would happen to it.

    We still have it and it sleeps on his bed with him and makes the regular rotation of cuddles along with the other 500 stuffed animals taking up space on the bed.

    9 (almost 10) years and counting....

  3. You are brilliant! That is proof you have experience! And he is so sweet! Thank for sharing such a mundane and beautifully sweet moment with us!

  4. LOL! Really--laugh out loud funny! I love the creative genius behind it!

  5. So cute!!! Made may day:) We had to find a puppy on ebay too for Madeline, it now belongs to our dog:) She has a silky blanket that is in PIECES, been replaced and she's not buying it, haha!! Jude is so very precious!!

  6. Haha, love it! We may have to do this with Avi's beloved little lamb from Hong Kong....I'm hoping our story has a happy ending like this, lol :-) Right now, I'm too scared to try!

  7. What a beautiful story!! Boy, Conrad is one clean pup. My goodness, you have a great dog groomer (wink) :) So glad to hear your little operation was a success!

  8. That child is so cute, how do you stand it!
    I love that he is called Conrad, did Jude come up with that himself?

  9. This is a leave you all over warm and fuzzy kind of story!!!


  10. Barbara--
    At the end of Build-A-Bear you get to name your stuffed animal. This was at least 2 years ago so T&J were 2 years old. Tess was getting one too, and they were birthday presents from my mother-in-law. Tess and Jude were DONE with being there. They were both throwing huge temper tantrums. Screaming. I was done too. People were staring. Sunny yelled out to me, What should we name them? Conrad and Helen were the first names that came into my head, because honestly, I just wanted to leave that store as soon as possible and go home! They were just the very first names that popped into my head. The names stuck. Tess likes Helen too and sometimes sleeps with her, but not like Jude is attached to Conrad.

  11. LOVE it!! Quite stealthy parents you are!!

  12. wow amazing photos! he's such a handsome boy ;) love it!

  13. WOW- I am impressed that you were able to pull that off. I tried doing a switch & they could tell by the smell & wouldn't touch the new thing. Thank goodness for EBay- seriously- it has saved me many a time though.

  14. So adorable! Glad he bought it! We tried that with our daughter but unfortunately Carter's had slightly changed their product which was not obvious from the photo on eBay so she did not fall for our story. Did you keep the original Conrad for sentimental reasons for when Jude is older? :)

  15. Oh my gosh look at the love he has for that dog! I am so glad it worked out at the 'groomers'.

  16. Oh my goodness, this post cracks me up!!! Sneaky and hysterical---glad he didn't know the difference! Jude is too, too cute!!! :)


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