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Friday, December 23, 2011

NVC and the 50mm

Like I had mentioned earlier, the next few steps in our adoption are quite complicated.  So just trust me when I say that another milestone has been met (insert applause here) with the cable of our approval by the NVC.   It's another step the US govt has put in place.  
The good news is that we seem to keep shaving off a tiny bit of time with each step.  I'm guessing that folks with the US govt are trying to push things through before they leave for Christmas and maybe this is what is responsible for things getting done a little bit faster than usual.  The shaved off time is adding up, and confirms that we'll likely leave for China in Feb, rather than March.  Which I'm really having a hard time believing!!!! I know it'll be colder in February, but this would be couple weeks sooner that I can wrap my arms around my girly and smother her in kisses, (and likely scare the pants off her, poor sweet thing) and that would be the best gift ever!

Shifting gears...
I'm still  frustrated with every image I take recently, so I tried something different.  I reached deep into my camera bag and pulled out my 50mm.  If we've talked about lenses before, you know I think a 50mm this is THE most important lens anyone can have, and it's the first lens any DSLR owner should purchase and practice with.  And because I'm a hypocrite, I'll share that I hardly ever use my 50mm.   Hanging head in shame now.  But here's the thing, Papa and I bought this lens when we were in college!  That makes my 50mm over {cough cough} 25 years old!  It's is a dinosaur, circa 1987.  A relic.  When it focuses it sounds like sand, and it produces images that are always in soft focus.  I think it has a light leak too.  The results always leave me wanting.  But I'm desperate I tell ya!  So out it came.

So here are some pics of part deux of the cookie making, the part where Granna so generously volunteers her kitchen again, the kiddos scatter massive amounts of sprinkles.  
Ok, ya, the adults couldn't resist getting involved either!

My sister-in-laws and yours truely
Dear Santa,
I'd like a new 50mm lens for Christmas.
Crazy me
All the granddaughters... so far.  
Merry Christmas Eve Eve, Y'all!


  1. Yay! That's a huge step!!!
    Don't know much about cameras...thinkin' I really need to invest in a DSLR but will have to wait on that. ;)
    Merry Christmas!!:)

  2. Yeah on NVC...I might understand the steps when it is my turn if I follow you through. February! Yeah!

    I love my 50mm (part of the reason I got it 6 months ago was because you recommended it.)...but I got a 35mm for Christmas...our house is so small I couldn't get more than one person in the shot with my 50...loving my 35 :)

  3. starfishflinger- Oh pish! That's ok, I'll totally settle for the NVC letter! -me

  4. Congrats on being Cabled!! Whoo hoooo! And yes you do need a 50mm. I hardly ever use anything else, now I just need how to make better use of my camera. I sent my 1800 on the 16 th and still have not heard anything, is that pretty normal, just a week today?

  5. woot!! on getting Mazie ANY earlier than you anticipate!!

    I really hope Santa is good to you this year :) WINK!

  6. Love all the "little" miracles. Every door that opens, every paper done, every one closer. I hope you will be done soon.


  7. Yay!!! We may just meet up in Guangzhou yet!

  8. Happy Chritsmas, beautiful family, from Spain, with admiration and love.

  9. So glad the next step has been reached!

  10. Wow -- just like the old adage of enough drops filling a bucket, enough shaving gets you to your daughter sooner... and that is A Good Thing! Congrats!

    At the risk of "outing" myself age-wise, I got a brand spankin' new Nikkormat FT2 as my HS graduation gift (mainly so I'd give Dad back his trusty ol' FTN); the f1.4 50mm lens it came with got a major workout, even after I switched to keeping a 35-70mm zoom on (did a lot of traveling, it was easier).

    Now the poor thing's in a cabinet in my closet, battery dead, and nary a roll of actual film in sight... The times, they have a-changed!

    Here's hoping you get a spiffy new 50mm in time for Gotcha Day! :-)


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