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Thursday, December 29, 2011

little photo album

We forwarded a photo album-board book to our little WanWen.  Liv and I sat down in the evenings together and decorated the plain white album with stickers and labels.  (if you can read these labels, and it says something like, my foot has a huge bunion, or this house is a sleazy brothel, please don't tell me.)
The photo album was fun to put together and left me wondering if it's something she'll ever see.
To be honest, I'm not sure how much of an advantage it is for an almost 2 year old to see photos of us and our home.  I'm just not sure she has the ability to "get it" at such a young age.
But I do think her foster parents will certainly see where she is going and who will be loving on her.  And hopefully it will give them a bit of peace about her leaving.  I'm sure they love her, after all we think she's been with them since she was just days old.
Last but not least, we tucked some princess stickers inside and as many kisses as it could hold, and sent it on its way.
Leaving us to envision her little fingers holding it and her slobber covering it's pages.  
Good bye little photo album.  Tell her we love her!


  1. Love, love, love the photo book! You two did a fantastic job! :)

  2. So cute, both our kids came to us with their books and it helped them during the transition over the past few weeks. They would look at our pictures like is this really the mama & baba they told me about!

  3. "this house is a sleazy brothel"...oh my...hilarious! your album is lovely. don't know if shu ever saw his either, and he was so very young. but hopefully his nanny felt good about where he was headed.

  4. I think it is PERFECT!! And, I really hope she comes to you on Gotcha Day with it!! And I hope the labels are peeled off and the pictures are stained with slobber :)

  5. I hope you get pictures of her with it. What a beautiful album and family! I am so happy you got nvc.

  6. My daughter was 11 months when I adopted her from China in 2006 and she not only saw the book I created but she loves it to this day. I sent a one time use camera and I have pictures of her with the book in China. In China she came to me with the book. To this day it is one of her favorite keepsakes. Also you might be interested in sending or bringing to China with you the "Red Book of questions". I sent it with my care pacakage and I was one of the lucky ones and my daughter's caregiver answered all the questions that related to her. Here is the link for you to read more about it. Maureen Sharp does a beautiful job with the books. The nanny wrote in Chinese and I had mine translated into English.

    I enjoy reading your blog.
    Mom to two-
    one born in Viet Nam
    one born in China

  7. Love the book! It looks fantastic!


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