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Saturday, December 17, 2011

I800 and Pearl

OK... truth be told... from here on out the steps to bring Mimi home make my head spin!  My eyes water!  It's just SO confusing!  When I try to figure it out, my eyes start to gloss over and even doing the laundry starts to looks fun.  
But yesterday we got our I800 approval!  And only because I cut and pasted this next sentence, do I know actually what that means. 

It's your approval from USCIS (that's the United States government, Dept of Homeland Security and all things immigration) to adopt the child (that would be the sweet adorable, have-you-seen-that-adorable-smirk-on-her face Mimi Jade Wanwen) you were matched with specifically.

China approved us with our LOA!
And now the United States approved us with our I800!
So now I think it's a done deal, and there're just some serious paper shuffling that has to be done for the next 6 weeks or so!  Something about cables and PDFs and emails and calling people at just the right time.  I honestly haven't a clue what the next steps entail, and will have to rely and others to walk me through it.  So for the next little while, I'll post some happy milestones reached in our adoption journey, and y'all can just nod your heads and say congrats.  In theory, our agency says we can expect to travel in 10-12 weeks!  Oh ya baby, you read that right!  We're talking WEEKS now not months!

And I'm leaving you with the most amazing picture.
Taken by China staff, and it was titled Wanwen and friend.
That's our Mimi Jade Wanwen on the left and her happy clapping friend on the right.  Isn't "friend" beautiful with the sweetest smile!  Mimi and "friend" are foster sisters, and she's also a special need's adoption through our agency.  I've corresponded with her soon-to-be parents a few times, and her name is going to be Pearl!  Don't you just love the name Pearl!  Pearl is 5 months younger than Mimi, which leaves me wondering if Mimi is pip squeak tiny.  Her SN could make her not sit up as straight and tall as Pearl, but really, she looks small in this photo.  
Y'all know how much I adore old-fashioned names, and just the thought of these two little ones, with names full of history and tradition and strength, Mimi and Pearl, making a family in the middle of an orphanage, halfway across the world... makes my heart sing!  


  1. Yes my head is spinning too!! My best guess is that I start calling USCIS a few days after I receive my receipt #??, then onto calling NVC ect oh my word the hoops we jump through to get to our sweet babies!
    And oh my goodness Mazie is too precious for words, love her sweet smile and of course her sweet friend Pearl. Just want to hug them tight!!

  2. Good Lord, they are both so cute!

    Does it sound weird if I say that I'm excited too? 'Cause I am!! Ever since I discovered your blog and read about Mazie I wanted to 'be part' of your journey to get that cutie. I think it's awesome what you are doing for her! I didn't get the chance to send her a fabric for her quilt, but maybe I will send her a little something as her 'welcome home' gift, if you will allow. :)

  3. YIPPEEE!!!:) 10-12 weeks!!! Hang on to your hat girl, you'll be holding Miss Mazie very soon! :) Sooooo excited for you! :)

  4. That's awesome! That step went pretty fast! So glad she'll be home in a few months!

  5. I am so very excited for you!!!! No approval here yet, ours had a bit of delay/snaffu, but hopefully we will receive our approval next week--fingers crossed! USCIS has been amazing working out the bump for us.

  6. The steps after LOA/RA on my side confuse me to death...I just hope our agency can walk us through them.

    I am so excited for you! Such a cutie and Mazie and Pearl are names that go together perfectly.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. I am so excited for you. The next steps are kind of confusing. They just kind of happen.I didn't understand either. By the way, check out my blog when you have a chance. We got pictures Thursday of Madelyn looking at our picture album for the first time. We were overwhelmed.

  8. Congrats for your 800 approval :) I'm with you - I still don't know what all that means,, but dont care when it means you are THIS close to loving on Miss Mazie in PERSON!!

    Mazie and Pearl are SWEET together! Yep! Your babe looks tiny! Better pack those BABY clothes!!!

  9. HORRAY!!!!!

    Almost there now! Here's to spring with beautiful little girls home with their families!

  10. It's so wonderful that you are becoming friends with Pearl's parents. That will be an amazing connection for the girls later on. We became friends with a California family who's daughter was from the same orphanage as Chick - they actually met Chick before we did! - two years later by TOTAL CHANCE we all ended up on the SAME Disney cruise! The pictures of Chick and Maya are so precious to us. I hope you'll have the same pictures down the road of Pearl and Mazie.

    Congrats on I800 too!

  11. What an AMAZING gift to find in your inbox! Both the girls look so, so happy!

    Yup, looks like your sweet Mazie is a little one but oh so cute!!!

  12. all of the alphabet soup gets me confused too, glossed over! Ethiopia was a lot easier 3 yrs ago!
    We're at the 6 weeks to travel mark - but there's a Chinese New Yrs in there... maybe you'll catch up and we'll cross over at the end of the trip!

  13. Those babies are absolutely the most adorable little ones! Mazie is just yummy - I can imagine how badly you want to get your hands on her! She is too precious. Godspeed on your journey to China!

  14. Oh my goodness, how totally stinking' cute. Congrats on another milestone reached!


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