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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sunday Snapshot {Sunny turns 18}

She was born on Thanksgiving.  Just a few minutes after midnight she made her arrival.  And I was discharged from the hospital just after noon that very same day, so I could host Thanksgiving dinner at my home that day.  Oh to be young again!  I didn't do much but sit in a chair with my less-than-24-hour-old newborn and said hi to the family as they came in with the food.  
It's hard to believe that was 18 years ago.  
She was my first.  
That makes her special in many ways. 
How old are you today?   I 'm a whopping eighteen...can you imagine that?  It was just yesterday I was a youngin!
What did you pick for your birthday dinner?  Weeeeeelll I don't like dinner, I like lunch and breakfast, so I had a birthday brunch.  My mommy made me some pumpkin monkey bread :)

What are your favorite foods and why?  I loveeeee french fries, pho, peanut butter, brie, oooo and tomato soup.  O yah and why..hmmm... just cause that's what my tastes buds fancy!
What's your favorite color? Yellow, enough said. O wait and teal and a bright orange....o and maybe red and pink.  O yes and purple.  Maybe a little blue.  Well I guess I can't leave out brown and black and white too.  What did I forget...O yah and green!

If you could live anywhere, where would you live and why?  I would live in a big house outside of a big city in southern California.  That would be amazing!  That would be the best of both worlds.  It's a nice place to live, and it's by the beach.  

Do you like school?  I don't like the stairs at school, but the actual buildings?  Yah I guess they are pretty nice, I mean they are very architecturally sound!
Who are your best friend(s)? Livy and S (and my mommy...shhhh don't tell her!)

What do you want to do when you grow up? don't think I care what I do as long as I can provide for my family and can afford the lifestyle I want.

What is something you do well?  EVERYTHING! No!  'm just kidding, I would like to think I'm someone people can look to for help.  I think that maybe those are some of the best qualities a person can have.  I think I acquired those from my parents.
What is something you'd like to do better? I would like to learn to be a better listener.  I think that if I could listen and hear and understand other peoples views and opinions I would learn a lot about the people I have known my whole life.  I think that would be really cool if i could learn something new about someone I spend everyday with if all I had to do was listen.
Who is your role model? I'm not sure I have found my one person that is my ultimate role model.  I look to a lot of people in my life for guidance, but I don't have one person I go to.  Maybe my idea of who I want to be is my role model for me today.  More of a goal than someone to lean on in order to get there.

Sunday Snapshot


  1. LOVE!! Sunny is such a beautiful girl, happy birhtday!!

  2. 18? Amazing! Hosting Thanksgiving the day after she is born? Also amazing! Let's round it out with Amazing Photos!

  3. Such a beautiful girl and great photo, happy birthday to you Sunny.

  4. Happy Birthday, Sunny. What a beautiful the photos..the last one is my favorite. My daughter was born the day after Thanksgiving 16 years ago. why does time fly by soooo fast?

  5. She is so beautiful. I hope she has a perfect year : ) I love that age. So full of life : ) and dreams.

  6. Wow she is beautiful, happy birthday to your precious daughter! My oldest turns 21 today, they grow so fast.

    I can't believe you went home the same day you had her, please tell me you really didn't host Thanksgiving that same day, your kidding right?

  7. Sophie,
    No not kidding. Really did it. The family brought all the food however. Oh to be 25 years old again!

  8. WHoa, these are beautiful! (especially the last one, she's stunning) My little just turned one on friday, and remembering a year ago i couldn't imagine having anything to do with thanksgiving!!!

  9. She's beautiful and I love reading what she thinks. Her beauty isn't just on the outside!

  10. I love the interview! Happy Birthday! What a wonderful young woman!

  11. that last pic slays me. if only every girl could see pictures of herself through her mother's like this. she's amazing and lovely.

  12. What a beautiful girl!

    Ruthie from

  13. Beautiful young lady! Happy Birthday!


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