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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sunday Snapshot (Misty-eyed}

I've been a little misty-eyed these days.
Sunny getting ready to head out for good.  She's so excited.   So proud.  Me too... but still misty eyed.
Patch left to hike the Grand Canyon this weekend, and my heart felt like he was going away for months.  I made sure he had sunblock and Chapstick before he went out the door.  And Tiger Milk bars in his pockets.  That's what mamas do.

Waiting for this LOA seems to be taking an eternity.  66 days so far.  Hoping, praying they'll say yes to this crazy family.  Do they ever say no?  And why is it taking so long?  There are no answers.
Maybe it's the change of seasons and cooler weather.  There's been lots of cloud cover these days and the almost ever-present Arizona sunshine is gone.
Or maybe it's the recent stream of music on my iPod, like here.  Kind of melancholy and saying the things I'm feeling.
Not sure what it is, but I see my life changing, my brood getting older, a little more grey and a few more wrinkles.  Praying for the wisdom that they say accompanies such changes.

Hoping I didn't scar any of them permanently.
Hoping they won't go too far and will come back to the nest now and then.
Not sure what I did to deserve the richness of the blessings I've been given.
Falling short, but still trying hard to earn it.
PS-These photos have little to do with this post.  Kinda.
Baby girl is just getting older.
When the flip did that happen?
I wasn't looking, and it just seemed to happened.
Someone make it stop!

Sunday Snapshot


  1. The waiting is so hard. I know I shouldn't complain-- my LOA didn't take as long as yours-- but now the wait for i800 is dragging and I'm just out of patience. Time to get our baby girls home! (Still have my fingers crossed that we'll be in China at the same time.)

    Tess is beyond gorgeous! I know you know it, but WOW!

    Hang in there-- we'll both get to China and our girls.

  2. She is beautiful - so photogenic!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  3. She is beautiful and has gorgeous hair.

  4. Oh Nancy, I bet you've done a wonderful job raising them! I'll be praying that your LOA comes very soon! That little Tess looks so grown up! WOW!!

  5. Those eyes...they seem to see right into your soul!

  6. cannot believe you have a kiddo moving out. i am feeling ill for you. so sad. (from a clingy mother's perspective. hope things move soon in adoption land...) lovely pics, as always.

  7. What beautiful pictures!

    I think at any age it's so hard on a momma's heart to see her babies growing up.

    Hoping for an LOA soon!

  8. Ah... these thoughts that plague a mother's heart! It does all go by too quickly!

    Enjoy being in Arizona... I wish I was there right now!

    This LOA wait can be a tough one. Hold in there...

  9. Tess is simply stunning.

    I do hope your wait for LOA doesn't go much longer. You have enough on your plate right now, emotionally speaking. Hang in there!

  10. Oh my, when did Tess get so darn grown up? She really does look older, I can see why you're feeling misty... I'm going through a lot of that myself ;)

  11. She has a fantastic smile.
    I'm not looking forward to that big change in my life. I'm trying to hold on to today as much as I can.

  12. Beautiful! Just stunning!

    I'm praying for lot of great news this week and your LOA is the top of my list! Soon!

  13. She is a crazy beautiful, photogenic little girl. I love our pictures (and here's praying for LOA to come soon!)

  14. wow these are really beautiful portraits!

  15. Oh, Nancy! I'll say a little prayer for you! Lots of changes...
    On another note--I want your baby girl's hair!!! So much volume! She is gorgeous in every way!

  16. Oh my!Tess is beginning to look like a young girl instead of a baby. Beautiful! We are going through the same changes at our house. Makes me want another little one. It is so hard to see the older ones grow up and venture out into the world. You have done a great job raising them, now you just need to be that safe place to fall if things get hard.

    Lots of love

  17. Hang in there Nancy.. It has to come soon!


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