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Friday, November 4, 2011

"She's very sparkly. Definitely very sparkly." Raymond Babbit

Guess where I'm going?
I mean... guess where we're going?
I mean... guess where we're going sans children?

No... go ahead and guess.  I'll wait.

No, it's not the Casbah in Morocco.  Been there!  And it was amazing!

No, it's not The Summer Palace in Beijing!  I have not been there, but we're planning a visit there this spring hopefully heavily laden in cherry blossoms!

After so many years that I've totally lost count (but I know it's at least 4 years) and since before the arrival of Tess and Jude, Papa and I are leaving town (briefly) for a little get away to...

The thing is, it doesn't matter where we are going!
Papa and I are going alone!

Las Vegas baby!

It's gonna be wild!
We're gonna go crazy, baby!
I'm so going to sleep in!
I'm gonna lay in bed and may never get out!
I'm gonna go totally crazy and order room service!

We'd better do this, especially before Mazie comes, or we lose the chance.
Be back in a few days!


  1. Have a GREAT time! Ahh...vacay sans children will be a wonderful treat for you!

  2. Have a glorious time, Nancy :) Who knows? That LOA may just make its appearance and give you all the more reason to celebrate & enjoy! Blessings

  3. Darn girl! We were there recently. I was so wild I was in bed by 10 every seriously with the time difference 10 was SO late! And then we up by 5am each morning. Good times...Enjoy!

  4. Yay!! Good for you two!!! Have a wonderful trip!


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