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Monday, November 28, 2011


Day #83 of waiting, and it has finally finally come!!!!!!  The LOA, or letter of acceptance, is basically a letter from China authorities that say that they have looked over our paperwork and looked over sweet little WanWen's (Mimi's) paperwork, hooked them together and approved us to adopt her!  
It's a huge freakin' deal!
It's official, she's ours!  
She's ours!  
We have a new daughter!  

The funny part, is that out of our 5 phones in this house, we have not a single blasted phone that works.  We're down to only one that actually works (the others are broken or MIA) and of course over the holiday weekend, the battery went dead, and now we can't find it either!  Now every time the phone rings, I have to run back to our bathroom, sit on the commode and answer the only phone in the house, the one that's attached to that wall.  Sobbing tears of happiness and praise on the commode as I received this glorious news!  
Yes, it was closed.  
The kiddos are so so excited too!  Patch and Boo keep telling the littles,  Baby Mimi is coming!  Jude is ready to get in the car right now and go get her!
Wonderful wonderful news today!  Thank you, God!
Little WanWen, we're coming eventually!  Coming to wrap you in love and kiss your adorable cheeks and squeeze the stuffin' out of you!  

PS- I think I'll take Papa phone shopping tonight to celebrate!


  1. YiPPIE!!!!
    I'm doing the happy dance for you! (and in less than 100 days!!!)

  2. Such a wonderful night for news! And the story of how you took the call will be something to remember too! Congratulations Crazy 9!

  3. Hurray!!! Hurray!! Hurray! Finally!!! Congratulations! This made my day! Maybe we'll meet in Guangzhou after all. :^)

  4. Congratulations!!! I hope your remaining steps fly by!

  5. I have to tell you my husband is still laughing over "shut the front door" on rq. So, I can't tell him you got your news on the pot. I already refer to you as Nancy, you know the Crazy 8 one I mean Crazy 9. He sees your blog on my sidebar. But, he stays outta the blog world pretty much. We share an email address, both addresses. I think that means he reads them. No way! Too many adoption ones. Well, CONGRATULATIONS! Praise God your baby girl is coming home. May her picture be taken 8,743 times the first month she is home.

  6. Oh my goodness! My stomach did a huge flip flop when I read the title of this post! Congratulations! So happy for you! I guess that means there's hope for us soon! Cheryl

  7. Congrats Nancy!!!!! Now go get a phone!

  8. Nancy,

    I have goosebumps for you all the way over here in South China!!!! I am SO GLAD it came so you didnt have to start hurting people :) The wait is hard, I know. You will forget about it though (though the damage of the wrinkles is already done!!) lol!!

    Love you!!!!

  9. I am so happy for you! Hope she is home soon!

  10. Congratulations! This post never showed up in my Reader so I'm only seeing it now. So happy for you and that you are one step closer to Mazie!


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