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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Snapshot {Jude in Black & White}

He has learned how to surf the web.  Papa has installed some safety precautions, and we regularly hear the "bing" on Papa's cell phone alerting us when Jude has stolen away somewhere (usually behind a closed door in a end table) with Papa's tablet and is trying to make a purchase.  Spider man movies and videos games are his favorites.  

He still has to sleep with Conrad.  And even though we've repaired him many times, Conrad continues to get holes.  And is pretty ratty in general.  I'm not sure he's going to survive another round with the washing machine.  And I'm not sure Jude would accept a newer version of Conrad, although I'm pretty sure Build-a-Bear still sells them.
He knows how to operate NetFlix way better than me.  It's scary.  

He's all boy.  He's pretty consumed with weapons and all superheros, but especially Spider Man and Ice Man.  I have no idea who Ice Man is, except that Boo told me he's Spider Man's friend.  According to Jude, Ice Man shoots ice out of his wrists or fingertips... I'm not sure which.  And I guess this ultimately culminates in abducting bad guys, and securing world peace.  And despite that we've never had gun-type toys in our home, he's almost always making gun sounds.  
Left to his own, he'd be a vegetarian.  The boy loves loves loves fruits and vegetables.  Tell the boy we're having a salad for dinner, and he's seriously excited.  Probably his favorite is tomatoes.  He'll eat 2 at every sitting if I could keep that many in stock.  

He's one of the shyest children I have.  If approached when we're out and about, he'll pull his head in his shirt then bury his head in my leg.  Thus his preschool teachers are still concerned about developing his vocabulary and language skills, which is pretty tough with a child that won't talk to you.  At home, he's a chatter box.  Seriously I can not shut him up.  
He's asking questions.  With Mazie's upcoming arrival, he's asking where he was before we came to get him and about the folks that cared for him.  Questions I will never have the answers to.  He's especially consumed with the man that is holding him in these pictures.  He wants to know his name.  I have to say again, that I don't know, but surely this man loved him.  I know big questions are still to come.  Why didn't we come sooner?  How did he get there?  And one of these days we will surely run into a pregnant lady, and his wheels will start turning.  

Sunday Snapshot


  1. Wow. First of all - he is SO YUMMY! I could eat him with a spoon!! So, so darling!!! He sounds like such a sweetie - Id be okay with him being shy - keep him little a little longer!

    What an amazing back post to go & see. WOW! You certainly can see the love that man had for Jude. What a strange experience - FAST! I know, thats just how it is - but still......the moments when you wish you could linger/freeze??!

    And wild that you drove away a family of 8! Its gonna happen again!!

  2. Oh my...what a beautiful child. Oh how I love my boys, my girls too, but little boys oh my, too sweet!
    Madeline started asking all kinds of questions when a friend of mine was pregnant with twins when she was 3-4 and she asked all the tough ones...I think it all lead to Janie in the end:)
    Love this post, so very special!!

  3. Oh my word, could he be any cuter?!?! :) Isn't it amazing what those little minds can do? Internet, electronics...that we all had to learn and get over being scared of using...they're cool with it from the get-go! :) You've got one handsome little man on your hands! :)

  4. Jude is so darling!

    And tomatoes? Those are Madeline's favorite too. How funny. Gosh, he is all boy! Just precious.

  5. LOVE these photos! What a wonderful snapshot of Jude! He reminds me so much of our Aaron about the same age! BEAUTIFUL family! May God richly bless you! Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Oh! Such sweet photos! I love the white background with the BW photos!

  7. I don't know where you live, but I wish you could take photos of my kids! :-) Lovely.

  8. LOVE these images of your incredibly handsome Jude! Where oh where did you find that spot?!
    I am sure you'll find a way to answer Jude's questions when the time comes... God will show you the way, even if it's just holding him and loving him because you don't have any words.

  9. Wow. Just Wow. I was so moved by these incredible portraits - I ended up going back through your blog & reading up on your littles' adoption journey (some of the time with tears in my eyes that I couldn't explain to my hubby). Just incredible. The answers will come when you need them.


  10. I have a little vegetarian in training, tomato lover in my family too. :)
    You captured your precious Jude both in photographs and words so well. He seems like a fun loving, "old soul."

  11. LOVE these photos of your precious son! Wow you can really tell the director loved Jude - is there anyway you can find out who he is? Blessings, Cindy

  12. Ok Nancy, seriously STUNNING. Oh he is just edible! And please tell me how you did the 3D thingamabob with the images in this post, is it an action?

    Also, please tell me you are going to print these on some HUGE canvases!!

  13. what darling pictures. they capture his sweet, shy spirit.

    have a wonderful thanksgiving!



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