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Monday, October 24, 2011

What not to wear

I've mentioned the hoarding tendencies Tess has.  They're definitely still there.  They carry over to her clothing.
You see we were at my nephew's birthday party just a short while before this.  Tess had cute little piggies in her hair, and that green dress underneath is really adorable!  It has little yellow and white flowers on the shoulder straps.  And there were little black mary janes.  Not that you'd ever know it.
As soon as we got home, as often happens, she started to put more on.  More jackets.  More hats.  More socks.  More clothing in general.   I took pants off of her 2 times before giving up the battle.
You see, it was 96 degrees out this day.
It was hot.  Real hot!  But this girl is firm in her resolution that a jacket with furry liner and hood is a must!  Regardless of climate.  And all jackets that have hoods must, at all costs, be worn on the head at all times!
I guess the piggies were in the way of the hood.  They obviously had to be sacrificed.
Oh my silly adorable bag lady, trucker, hoarder, intervention needing, Gap & FAO Schwarz endorsing, little girl!


  1. Whatever makes her happy without bodily harm to her or others. I love to see how kids dress themselves. The fashion is awesome! Rock it girl!

  2. I got a little start of excitement for you when I noticed today in my blog reader that you'd updated the blog name. By the way, I started reading your blog a couple of weeks ago and I just love what you share, especially those perfectly imperfect moments of life with children. I look forward to hearing more about Mazie!

  3. If nothing else, maybe you'll get a sponsorship from one of her suppliers - I can totally see her in a GAP ad ;)


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