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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Snapshot {in the empty lot down the street}

There's really nothing special about these images... except they seem to so capture just exactly where my little ones are right now.

The goose egg.
The wispy fly-away hairs in her face.
Her emotions that change on a dime.
The 6-12 mo. clothes that I put on her that very first day... and they still fit.
Untied laces.
Socks with Crocs because she insisted.

The fingers still in her mouth when she doesn't get her way.
Hair that needs a trim.
That smile!
The unsolicited please's and thank you's they share.
The way their hands come together.
The way he holds her.
Two different shoes.

Individually they are each amazing.
Together they are simply breath taking.
Together they are something bigger than just the two of them.
My own little ordinary miracles.
Thank you, God.

Sunday Snapshot


  1. They are absolutely adorable!!! You can see how much fun they have together... I especially like the photos of them sitting on the wooden bench giggling. It doesn't get much sweeter than that:)

    I have a little one who LOVES to suck her fingers! I think I have more photos of her with her fingers in her mouth, than without!

    Happy Sunday to you and your family~



  2. beautiful photos of your sweet miracles.

  3. Oh Nancy... beautiful, just beautiful! There's nothing more precious than the ordinary miracles seen through the eyes of a mother. Sending love!

  4. So so beautiful. I am always inspired by your photography dear. I love that the blog now says crazy 9.... a girl can dream. ;)

  5. Your kids, your photography, your thoughts...all stunning.

  6. Beautiful post! Now, what is it about little boys and goose eggs? M has one over the opposite eye.

  7. You are really a beautiful writer! You evoke such tender emotions! Your children are absolutely precious. I still have a soft spot for T and will always pray for her...ummm, that sounds discourteous? I don't mean to say I won't pray for your whole family, but T always.

  8. Beautiful pictures for beautiful kids. It will be so great for them as they grow to have not just a shared connection in their birth country but to be so close in age. They seem like they almost share a twins connection. And that is priceless.

  9. I so love how you capture things like this, it's such an inspiration, and what a gift to your family. I agree, your writing is so beautiful! Honestly, you never fail to move me! I'm always amazed when I think of T&J and how they are now together forever. It really is amazing, nothing ahort of a miracle. I have a feeling that they are destined for big things in this world. (I also echo what Cedar said about Tess, I have a little soft spot for her too and say a little prayer for her whenever I think of it. Not that you all aren't important - you are. I hope she is doing good)

    P.S: My wish & square will be in the post tomorrow hopefully!

  10. Its my first time visiting! What beautiful photos!! (obviously it helps when you have such gorgeous children!!) Your Tess reminds me such much of my Tari! Tari just turned four too!

  11. :) Sorry... just read my comment - should've said SO MUCH (not such much!!! :)

  12. They are most certainly breathtaking - beautiful children. I am so excited for your family with the addition of your new little girl from China. God has blessed you abundantly.

  13. The pictures are perfect, but I think your words put this post over the top! you are such an amazing Mama!

  14. Oh the hand holding! The hugs! My heart might burst from joy after seeing these!


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