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Monday, October 17, 2011

More CPS fodder

When Papa asked me if I wanted to look for a new outfit, it wasn't like I could turn him down!  It was early evening, pre-dinner, and sure the babes hadn't had naps that day, but how often does my sweet hubby volunteer to take me shopping and get me a new outfit!  I mean after all, we were out already!  What was another 30 minutes, right?  We have an upcoming cocktail party in Las Vegas after all!  (That's a whole 'nother post!) And a momentous event like getting away with your hubby sans children requires that a girl get a new dress... right?  I needed a new dress to hobnob with business associates, right?  Turning him down would be wrong... right?

Tess was happy... for that moment, but as she often is when she's tired she was wired!  She dashed under the clothing racks.  Ran around the store playing "you can't find me!" and running into customers.  I was trying hard to maintain my composure.  On the outside, I was, Tessy, come here!  Follow Mama's directions please!  On the inside it was, For the LOVE of DEAR GOD!  Find me a dress and get us out of here!  
Papa sat on the man-couch and entertained Jude with his cell phone.  I was thankful only 1 of our four year olds was totally out of control, and hoped the patrons would appreciate the obstacles of shopping with 2 toddlers in tow.

Where were the dresses?  I look so good in red and turquoise!  Why are fall colors so blah!

Then Tess found the jewelry.  It started to scatter.  I got on her level, eye to eye.  Good parenting I remind myself.  Tess, you have to hold mama's hand.  Don't touch anything.  All the while she pulls from me, and stretches her Gumby body closer to the necklaces.   I stood up.  I held my ground.  I held her hand tightly.  I scanned the store for anything that said, sparkly Vegas!

Suddenly tears.  Surprisingly Tess's, not mine.  She looked at me, a new emotion came over her.  Mama hurt Tess's arm.  Quiet at first.  Then escalated to screeching for ALL to hear.  Mama pulled Tess's arm!  Tessy sad!  Tessy have tears!

Yes, I found a dress, as fast as I could after that.  I wasn't leaving that store without one!  Not the sparkly red one I had hoped to find.  But a more simple black cocktail dress that I'll doctor up with some shiny jewelry.  Papa paid as I took the little ones to the car and pulled it around.

That night, Tess waffled between sad and happy.  Upset when we tried to examine her arm, specifically her elbow.   But surprisingly happy to play and bounce around the house.  As long as her arm didn't move.  She held it close to her side, barely bent.  And although she's right-handed, she wouldn't use it at all.
We had our neighbor, who is a nurse give it the once over at about 8pm.  The first thing Tess told our neighbor was Mama broke my arm.  She said that repeatedly that night.  Thanks Tess.  Mam guilt will take you everywhere.  Her circulation was good.  Nothing discolored or swollen.  Nothing was obviously wrong except for the fact that Tess wouldn't move her elbow or hand.  We decided to let her sleep on it and see what the morning brought.

It was tough for Tess to sleep.  She puts her the finger on her right hand in her mouth to sleep and couldn't.  And sucking on the fingers on her left hand was an absurd suggestion.  So I don't know if it was pain in her arm or not being able to suck on her fingers that kept her from sleeping well last night.

The morning brought the exact same scenario.  No change so I started calling the pediatrician at 7:30 am.  They didn't open till 8, and the first appointment they could take us was 12:45pm.  Really?  I mentioned that it her arm might be broken.  She bumped us up to an 11:30am appointment.  Really?  That's as soon as you can squeeze her in?  Not much you can do about that.  I kept Tess home from school, and she was irritable all morning but still ran about and played and rode her bike.

Then I made a dreadful mistake at about 10:30am.  I told her where we were going.  Tess, we're going to the doctor's office, and she's going to look at your arm and make it feel all better! {hopefully}  I mean that's good parenting, right?  You don't want to surprise them with it!  Why is most parenting everything bass ackwards with Tess?!  No need to answer that one.  Hypothtical of course.  I know full well why.

The screeching started.  No! she wailed.  You stupid!  I stay home!  She kicked me as I tried to put her shoes on.  Getting her to go potty was useless.  I was feeling fortunate she only had 3 limbs to flail at me.  She used them all as I tried to get her to the car and buckle her car seat.  Screaming You stupid! the whole time.  It was her go to phrase.  In the parking lot, trying to get her out of her car seat, a nice lady asked if I needed help.  Help with my screaming child.  I explained she wasn't feeling well, and we were on our way to the doctor right now.  I carried Tess in.  Poor Jude in tow his eyes big and round as he took it all in.  Tessy's arm doesn't feel good?  He asked.  He was worried about her too.

We walked in, and Tess instantly screamed at the top of her lung at the receptionist,  You stupid!  You stupid!   I go home NOW!   As I checked in Tess took off her shoes and threw them across the waiting room.  I go home!

The nurse took us back.  You stupid.  You stupid.  You stupid!  was repeated many times to both me and the nurse.  It was loud and telling the nurse what had happened above Tess's yelling was a chore.  The doc saw us pretty quickly and again was repeatedly told how stupid she was.  Can I look at your arm?
The decibel level increased.  NO!   You go away!   You stupid doctor!  Tess tried to kick her.  I sat her in my lap, facing me.  Attachment 101 still.
Would you like to play on my cell phone.
Would you like a lollipop?  Tess quieted monetarily.  Thank you God, for Dum Dums!  You can have one after the doctor looks at your arm.
Tess very gently extended her elbow a bit for the doc to look at.  The doctor took her hand in hers and started to examine in.  The screeching started again.  10 seconds and it was over.  Palm side up, arm out stretched, the doctor bent Tess's elbow to her body.   Her dislocated elbow was popped back into place.  Instantly Tess stopped crying and started to smile.  Tess looked at her own elbow.  My arm better!  Tess looked at her arm almost in amazement.  She looked at the doctor and loudly proclaimed, YOU WIN!

That's all it took.  Tess got down off the examination table and went over to our doctor.  She patted the doctor's on the knee.  Doctor fix my arm!  You win!  she said again.
She must have said a dozen times between the car and home, My doctor fix my arm!  

Tess will unsolicited tell you two things.  1) Mama broke my arm, and 2) My doctor fix my arm!
That's all I got.  Just a little more CPS fodder.    I/she pulled it enough that her elbow came out of it's socket.  Yipee!  Great solid parenting there!  Don't tell anyone or they may change their mind about letting us have another one!  Oh well.  She's better now.  She is so so so happy that her arm feels better and smiling up a huge grin!


  1. Your social worker doesn't have your blog addy, right!? Lol!! So glad Tess's arm is feeling better!

  2. Dislocated joints are very common...I'm glad the doctor "won!"

  3. Sara- No, I don't think SW had the address. But all is well with her. She's know all anyway... and still likes us, amazingly!

    Cedar- Thank you! I do feel awful! But I know things happen to little ones. Know better. Do better. That's all I got.

  4. nursemaid's elbow, huh? My little has had it several times - the pediatrician showed me how to pop it back in. Hope she's loving Mama again :)

  5. Yes, nursemaid's elbow. Yikes! And yes, doc showed me how to pop it back in if it ever happens again. Finger's crossed I don't need that skill!

  6. Nursemaid's elbow...evidently some kids are very susceptible. It happened to MJ 3 times--2 trips to the after-hours pediatrician (who is thankfully one of our regular doctors) and one to the ER. She is almost 6 now, and it hasn't happened in a long time. I think she has outgrown it, thankfully.

  7. Ouch! That doesn't sound like fun for either you or Tess! ):
    Glad to hear her arm is better though!
    Something simlar happened to my twin when he was 2, but his shoulder was dislocated instead of his elbow, so they had to go to the doctor to pop it back in.

  8. Bless your sweet heart...this is the kind of story that makes me want to never EVER leave my house. This would SO happen to me.

  9. I read this yesterday but didn't have time to comment. I'm happy to say it's just as funny this morning as it was yesterday!

  10. I couldn't read it. My stomach was turning. BLECH! So glad she's OK. I can handle all the blood in the world, but having to pop back in a bone, seriously gagging.

  11. I just happened upon your blog from rumor queen, because I've seen janedoe near my name for a few months now:) Our PA is sept 6th. This post mad me laugh and cry as my Madeline is so much like your Tess. I have been kicked and called stupid more than I can count and especially in doctor's offices:) (she broke her arm this summer and had to have surgery, and no I did not break it haha) Anyway hoping we get our LOA around the same time and SOON!! We were LID before PA so our caseworker thinks it may be on the longer end...sigh. Oh and I have bunches of kids too:)


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