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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

If Martha Made Halloween Cookies...

...they'd never look like this!
Surely Martha Stewart would just die right here and now if she saw these.  
I guess there are more important things than pretty and well done.  
Like lots and lots of frosting.  
And sprinkles.


  1. Martha's don't taste good...these do!!! The more frosting you get on your fingers and EVERYWHERE else the better they taste (:

  2. I think they are great, just the way they are. And I have to admit, I chuckled out loud at the "Ow, my arm" one. :-)

  3. Love 'em! We have those exact same sprinkles. So far they've only ended up on the kids' oatmeal.

  4. Love the cookies, especially the little hands that made them! So precious, Blessings, Debbie

  5. This is the stuff of life...the stuff of life I say!

    LOVE your pictures! These are my favorite kind of posts...real life, YOUR life!

  6. And lots and lots of LOVE! Yummy! And Jude? I could eat him up, he is so darling!!! I looooooooovvveeee his hair!!

  7. oh can I please have a bite? there's one in there that has a broken arm... I'll try that little piece... hee hhe hheee.... I giggled when I saw that, she's probably not going to forget how wonderful that doctor was for fixing her owie arm that 'was broke'.....

    day 50 waiting for LOA!

  8. Why have I not seen T & J's video until now?! Wow!! Thanks for the tears :) what a precious journey!! The journey to Mazie will be just as amazing!

  9. Is this a post about cookies? I was too distracted by Jude's ADORABLE hair!


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