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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Going Home

Still waiting for our LOA.  We are on day #52 today.  I'm still in a good place waiting, but occasionally I can feel the stress and worry seeping in.  I keep thinking of ways to take my mind off it.

Liv, Jude, and I traveled back to the small town and home I grew up in.  It's only about an hour and a half north.  What is it about going home?  It melts me right back in time, to a time when all was right with the world.  The ceilings seems a bit lower and the rooms a bit smaller.  But the feelings when I drive into town, and when I step in the door are all the same.  So easy to exhale and savor every little thing.

First we stop at the rest area, a pit stop I've been at no less that 17, 508 times.
And the view still is amazing.
Then up the mountian, out of the desert, and home.
There's an apple tree in the front yard.  Yes, it was a perfect childhood.  
And my mom and I went down town for lunch, then icecream at the town square.  
Then back home for some plain ol' fun on the swing set.
Going home, even just for the day, rejuvenates me for a long while.
Bliss I tell you.  
Pure bliss.
Ni Hao Yall


  1. Beautiful pictures! Glad you had a chance to go home! :)

  2. MY hometown has a town square too!! Ours has a gazebo AND a steam engine!!! And a Dairy Queen down the street!!

    Looks like bliss :)

    Praying with you for quick travel to Mazie jade!

  3. That's great that you were able to get away and rejuvenate! Gorgeous pictures that really communicate the trip!

  4. Such beautiful pictures. My heart just sighed as I viewed them. Makes me wish for a road trip home. But I will have to settle for a plane ride back home next summer. :-)

    I pray that you continue to have peace and patience as you wait.

    (praying even now all the way from the country where your little one is waiting for you)

  5. Oh my word! The weather is so divine. I will pray you have patience today : ) I can't imagine how hard it is to wait.


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