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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Garden Muncher

Caution----Several of the following images have an oogy factor!  Fair warning for those with a delicate constitution!

I knew someone was munching on my sweet basil and oregano.  But finding the culprit was hard.  Until I harvested half the plant to make pesto, and he showed up.

Jude (still nursing a good egg) was first scared... then fascinated!
Jude's eyelashes pretty much point straight down often creating a curtain-ish in front of his eyes.
I'm always captivated by them!
Can you see the dirt on his fingerprints?  Pretty awesome!
Boys investigating bugs!  Does it get any better?

the long road


  1. So cute! I love the close-up perspective of these!

  2. Are you kidding - what glorious photos!!! I've so enjoyed looking through them - particularly loved your 4th & 5th capture.

  3. That pic #2...oh my...incredible photography!

  4. Love it! Love Jude's eyelashes too!

    Mya just told us that she didn't want to move back to Colorado and when we asked her why she said because there weren't any bugs :) she has obviously heard this is one of the reasons we lived it so and the girl likes her bugs!!

  5. When you said the photos had an "oogie" factor I was fully prepared for him to eat that thing. I was really glad my gut was wrong.

  6. I could stare at his eye lashes all. day. long. Soooo very cool.


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