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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Does sugar make you child hyper?

I'm going to say something that may cause some shock.
Some horror.
Something that is contrary to all the motherly advice I've peen programmed to believe without question for a decades now.
Something that my own grandmother probably would have fought me to the death about.
And I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get kicked out of the Mom's Club for it.

Here it goes...
I don't think sugar makes children hyper.
I think it's all in the mind of parents that kiddos get crazy hyper after eating sweets.

And... here's the shocker... I have science on my side.  Like here and here.

There's a TON of sugar coming in to our house this weekend and on Monday evening.  Literally it might be close to a ton!  OK, not quite, but we have 4 trick-o-treaters that will be bringing their treat bags home no doubt heavily laden with candy and sweets.

I used to get really really stressed out by Halloween candy.  And I mean really super-duper stressed!  I didn't know what tact to take.
Let them eat it?
Exchange it for a special toy?
Ration it out over the next 16 months?
Throw it all away?  (I did that one year purely out of frustration.  It wasn't one of my finer moments.)
Among mama's, it's a polarizing subject!

Over time, I have decided that our children can eat absolutely as much candy as they want Halloween night.  It's quite disgusting actually.  Each year I'm sure I'll they'll turn green and get sick, but I they never do.  And after the carnage of Halloween night, we put all the candy up and resort to our old house rules re sweets.  A few weeks later, when all the favorites have been consumed, I throw away what's left of the Halloween candy.  I'm not sure it's the best tact to take, but it works for us, and most importantly I don't feel wacked-out about the whole candy thing.

Don't get me wrong, I don't like sugar in my children's diet.  They're empty calories that cause cavities! And the caffeine that comes in chocolate and soda absolutely can give children extra energy.  And I do religiously monitor caffeine intake at our house.  But I don't think sugar is inherently bad.

So... bring on the candy!  I personally will be eyeballing the Baby Ruth's!  At least for 1 night that is.

As a mama, what's your plan for all that candy that will be coming home Monday night?


  1. I plan to let Perry eat a candy supper!!- Just Sayin'! ;)

  2. I'm no anti-sugar freak, but it literally takes us the entire year to finish the Halloween candy.

  3. Halloween = candy free-for-all.....but then I do toss the majority of what's left after a week of me picking at it

  4. I agree. I think it is Halloween that makes kids hyper. But red dye does do a number on one of our kids. Ashamedly I sort of think it is funny how he looses all volume control.

  5. I tend to ration it out and then toss it when it gets down to what no one really likes anyway. Sugar doesn't really affect my kids, but caffeine really affects MJ. Chocolate sends her bouncing off the walls.

  6. I let them eat it until it is gone. Usually only takes a couple of days! With the help of their dad and I!

    I also do not find that sugar makes my kids any more hyper, but I do hate how unhealthy it is for them... but a couple days here and there out of the year... big deal.

  7. Actually, our plan is exactly the same, except they have to tell us of the things that are left what they really, really want a chance to eat and what Mommy and Daddy can eat while they are sleeping. Some things do still make it to the trash (none of us like those gummy eye-balls), but probably less than at your house :)

  8. I agree, I do not think it's the sugar,I just think kids have way more energy than We use the candy as special treats..some may call it bribery ;)

  9. I agree....not so much the sugar as unhealthy...but really everything in moderation. My kids probably get too much junk food, but I do notice that they don't ask for junk all the time since they can have a little something every day as long as they eat something healthy first. They usually forget about it after they ate their healthy food. I do have to hide chips from Madeline though, I swear that is what she would eat ALL day long if she knew where to find them. I have to admit I have a chip problem too :) so I don't like to keep them in the house very often!! haha As far as Halloween candy, our dog almost always gets to it after the first day...never fails...eats candy and wrappers and never gets sick. We even hide it and he manages to find it!

  10. i was just thinking about this for tomorrow night! i think i'll let him go crazy and eat whatever he wants (knowing that he doesn't eat too much ever) for monday, and then i heard that there is a dentist in town who buys back candy from the kids the very next day. he pays in raffle tickets and apparently there are great prizes, and he sends the candy to the troops. sounds like a win-win since i can't trust myself with all that candy in the house for too long!

  11. It's a little different for us. One of our kids has severe food allergies. In all the years of trick-or-treating she has gotten one food item she could have-- a juice box. When you have to go out and buy (or mail order) all the candy, it's hard to decide to go for the the big treat bag full. We used to do the exchange the candy for a toy thing but we dropped that a few years ago. Now we provide a few candy treats, our other daughter eats a little of her trick-or-treat candy and we hope for the houses giving out pencils, erasers and stickers.

  12. Hey thanks for visiting my blog. We take the candy and pull out everybodies favorates, then take all the hard candy and toosie rolls and put them in to the samaritian purse shoe boxes. I should say however we only do our churches fun night and less than four houses acutally T and T so very little candy anyway. Course mine are all young and it is a school night this year. I have visited your blog before when you were 8 I need to catch up. thanks again, Kristi

  13. Our Ava's not a candy eater, so we have no problem letting her go wild. By wild I mean she ate a half a pack of chewy lifesaver candies, one pack of smarties and a half of a 4 inch long licorice stick. The only thing I said no to tonight was a ring pop only becuase it was after 9PM and it woudl literally take her an hour to eat it. So instead she asked for a slice of cheese (she's a cheese-aholic). She's so conservative with candy now that I'm sort of afraid that one day she's going to get a sugar craving and just never be able to stop. I guess it's the crazy momma in me.

  14. I love your idea of letting them eat as much as they want on Halloween! Our kids came home with an obscene amount even after ingesting an obscene amount, so we took advantage of a candy buy-back program at a local dentist ( who will later send it to our troops overseas. We only took about half, but our kids were excited to pick out their favorites and give the rest (in exchange for a little cash of course!).

  15. As a teacher, I agree with you/science on the "sugar isn't what causes the hyperactive/crazy behavior." Unfortunately, I'm in the minority among my colleagues. They bemoan Halloween, birthdays, anything that involves any sugar--convinced that it makes the kids crazy. It is more the circumstances/environment, I believe. We ate candy that night and will continue to enjoy it. I even allowed my daughter to choose a piece of candy to put in her lunch box every day this week. Oh the horrors! ;) But the Milky Ways? Those were all mine!


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