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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Before you...

...I never read the same story book, every night... for months.
...I never looked forward to carrying a sleeping child from the car to her bed.
...I never used my own spit to clean someone else's cheek.
...I never knew that I had a magical power to heal an owie.
...I never knew that a green crayon in the dryer could do so much damage.
...I never took so much pleasure watching someone sleep.
...I never understood that spilt milk really wasn't a bad thing after all.
...I never hurt when someone else got a shot.
...I never had SO much fun singing I'm a Little Tea Pot.
...I never thought bronzed baby shoes were adorable and worth having.
...I never really liked teenagers as much as I do now.
...I never regularly feared for my life as a passenger in a car.
...I never understood the Lord's love for His own children.
...I never thought I was really capable of laying down my life for another person.
This child made me a mother.  It's just a bit different from the others.  It's special that way.
And now it's finally started... she's started the journey of leaving.
She's applying to two in-state universities this week.  Stretching those wings we've groomed for nearly 18 years now, and testing them out.
I pray we've given her strong wings, firm roots, and a zest for life.
I pray we've shown her the love of the Lord.  And the ability to see her own ordinary miracles all around her.
She's leaving soon.
Leaving me.
I'm not sure I'll be the same.
She'll come back, right?

the long road


  1. beautiful portraits! I love the 5th one--so sweet and very unique.

  2. Yes, she'll come're too awesome to stay away from for that long. She is truly stunning.

    P.S. I found myself doing that spit trick just yesterday.

  3. She is not leaving; she is just beginning to play out a small length of that endlessly long reel of break-proof line that you have been spinning & weaving with her from the day she first made you a mother.

    And the portraits are lovely. :-)

  4. This made me want to cry! Bless you...

    Our oldest is just 11 but I think about this stuff a lot. She just came into the youth ministry at church {my hubs is the youth pastor} and into middle school and things are changing so fast. Weep.

    May the Lord lead your beautiful daughter's every step through decisions and paths she will take!

  5. Beautiful pictures and tribute to your daughter! (And I don't even want to think about all that..our oldest is only 5 1/2, but I know if I blink, I'll turn around and she will be all grown up.)

  6. Awww, sniff, sniff! Gorgeous! Amazing words! As the mother of 3 girls, I can almost cry right now! The last image is just perfection, and yes, she will come back, often!

  7. Beautiful post- I'm crying! She is beautiful!!!!!!

    I dread this time in my life that I know is coming- 3 times over. I must cherish every moment I have while they are still here.

  8. She'll come back. they always come back. my mom definitely said to me a couple times, "don't you live somewhere else now?" after i DID come back and ate all of her food.

    Hope all is well.



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