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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Oh I just had to share the squish I got in the mail today!
I'm so lame.  I started Mazie's good-wishes quilt and had no clue what a squish even was!
And for the new-to-China-adoption crowd, like me, a squish is a quilt square + wish = a squish.

This one, #31, is from bloggie friend, Annika, from Oregon.
It's just amazing!
It's probably about 20 pieces of fabric sewn together to make the heart and the border, with the little ribbon flowers along the bottom!  And the wish is just as lovely!  It has the embossed symbol for "life."  And it also has the sweetest message for our baby girl and little samples to match the quilt square!

Isn't it delightful, delicious and delovely!  Ok maybe not delicious, but definitely delightful and especially delovely!  So much love went into this and I am so so thankful to receive it!

If you'd like to forward a squish, we'd be so so grateful!  And it doesn't have to be near as fancy as Annika's!  Plain ol' square and post-it wish is wonderful too!  Details here.

Thank you, Annika!  This squish is already so treasured and a wonderful addition to welcome our daughter into her forever family!

Thank you to all those who have forwarded squishes too!  I am humbled by the love y'all are sharing!

31 down.
69 to go!


  1. That's so beautiful! I'm new to the whole quilt/squish thing too...our son is from Thailand and they don't do anything like this that I'm aware of. Now that we're "China" peoples, I'm you make quilts for boys too? Hmmm.

  2. Thanks for explaining "squish." Mine is still coming to ya!

  3. Kam-
    YES!!! The 100 good wishes quilt is for boys too! My boys all have quilts (not OHGWQ but crib quilts my mom made for them) and they love them! If you'd like me to send some squishes you way, let me know!

  4. How can I send a squish after seeing that beautiful squish!!!! I cannot measure up!

  5. I'm so glad you like it! :^) I had fun making it for Mazie. The fabric and ribbon trim are left over from an outfit I made for my daughter (now to get LOA so we can get our I800 so we can get TA so we can get to China before she outgrows it!).

    And please, don't let my squish stop you from sending your squishes, folks! All but one of the squishes I've received for my daughter's quilt have been a square of fabric-- nothing fancy at all-- and each one has been a delight and a treasure. Every squish has love behind it and when they're all sewn together, they're beyond gorgeous.


  6. Finally got around to emailing you the wish to go with the square I mailed earlier. Sorry for the delay between the two!

  7. I love squishes!! So glad you are 1/3 of the way there!!


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