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Monday, October 10, 2011

10 thoughts on a Monday

1)  Tess has loaded my computer with several coins.  She's pretty sure that the slot that one should use for flash cards and CDs are designed just for her to deposit pennies in.  She got pretty upset when I couldn't get them out for her and has since stopping using my laptop as her piggy bank.  But the damage is done, and now they rattle around in there.  I fear the worst it coming.  I backed up the all my photos and other important docs last week.  Aside from the damage I'm worried about, it's really kinda funny!

2)  Day #33 of our LOA wait.  Nesting is kinda happening but not really.  Wondering if we'll hit the average 83 days wait (ouch) or go longer or shorter.

3)  It's fall break this week, and I've spent a good portion of it cleaning out several of the kiddo's closets.  See thought #2.  And #4.

4)  Lego's breed.  Faster than rabbits and dust bunnies.

5)  5's are over rated.

6)  I'm wondering if the cost of going to a pumpkin patch is justifiable.  It's lots of fun and all, but for a large family it's some serious cash.  And since when did an annual pumpkin patch visit become par?  Bad mommy feeling guilty!

7) Patch has gone for the week to visit my parnets.

8) The weather here has FINALLY cooled down.  A high of 85 degrees today.  We can finally get out doors and plant tomatoes and enjoy the grass.   We are entering the season where I will regularly post pictures of grass and flip flops and folks wearing shorts just for those who live in cold weather climates.  In advance, I am sorry to do this.  But it has to be this way.

9) My hubby, who works out of his office, our home, our bedroom, is considering getting "real" office space elsewhere.   When the economy soured and he started to work out of our home out of necessity, him being here drove me nuts.  He was so close, yet oh so far away to help me get down things down from a top shelf.  Now I'm wondering how I could convince him to stay.

10)  There is no 10.  I've gotta get dinner started.   Albondigas soup.


  1. Yikes! I might have to cry if there were coins in my computer. Joel did load our Nintendo Wii down with some pennies and bobby pins last year. That thing bit the dust but luckily {actually, it musta been the HS}, I called the folks at Nintendo to check on our warranty {we didn't know why it was broken}...and found out that our one year warranty was good for another 12 hours! Holy moly. That phone call was worth about $199! lol.

    I totally agree about the legos. Hysterical.
    Hope your soup was yummy~

  2. My young one (20 yrs ago) put coupons in my computer - I didn't know that until I took it in for repairs and the nice repair technician/boy giggled when he handed over the thin papers.... maybe that's why I don't use coupons.... the computer was easily fixed - hoping this is true for you too!

    We don't do the annual pumpkin patch - although this yr we did, and we only bought one. Like a Christmas tree, the only stipulation was that the whole family had to agree on the pumpkin b/c it's a 'family pumpkin'. In my previous life we each had our own. I did notice at the place we went to today that Hay Rides were $5 per family member - total rip off. There are other pumpkin patches/farms with free Hay Rides, we might go there next weekend.... just for the fun of it, and challenge ourselves to just enjoy and not spend.

    Is this really tomato planting season in your neck of the woods?

    I would totally envy and appreciate your grass growing flip flopping photos! And I'll post my snow pics!

    now I'm off to count how many days we're waiting for LOA -

  3. I have had my oil changed and had the guy bring out french fries. French fries!? Yeah, they must have bred like your legos :)

    Congrats on 33 days down!! I am hoping you are more around the 42 day mark! 6 weeks is long enough! That sweet Mazie needs to come HOME!

    I will forgive you in advance for the flip flop/shorts/swimming photos. I am bracing myself for a loooooonnnnnnnnnnngggggg, cold, winter. And a visit to my BFFs in the desert :) does your neighborhood have a convenant against RVs in the driveway!?

  4. Coins in the computer? I'm relieved (and surprised) my Firecracker hasn't thought of that yet. As for the pumpkin patch, I have a theory that the price of admission is inversely proportional to the fun! There's a pumpkin patch around here that "everyone" goes to. I think it's totally overpriced, but got free tickets to go last year. I thought it was totally lame, and was SO glad I had not paid full price.

  5. The Pipsqueak (accidentally) poured several ounces of orange juice onto the keyboard of her Grandpa's laptop. Amazingly, it survived. A few weeks later she (semi-accidentally) poured several ounces of water into it, complete with buzzing and sparking. Amazingly, it STILL works... but he NEVER shuts it down now (just puts it in sleep mode. I go over to the house to do a full backup every week... and we now keep the Pipsqueak far, far away from any of our computers as possible when she's in the company of food.

    We haven't gone to a pumpkin patch for years due to the cost issue... plus, if its' hot, the pickin's are usually slim... But the whole family gets together for carving jack o'lanterns every year! :-)

  6. Maybe she's hiding pennies in the computer for a rainy day ;)

    We just finished fall break and I was very happy to put two little people on the school bus a few moments ago. I love my kids but oi! Sometimes they do know how to push my limits of sanity.

    Here's hoping for the very short end of the LOA stick!

    (And I will be one of those people grumbling while staring with envy at the flip-flop pictures. We had a frost warning the other day. Goody.)


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