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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

10 down: 90 to go

These are the first 2 squares that came in.  And suddenly it felt like I was climbing a huge mountain.  A Mount Everest made of quilt squares that many had attempted but few had succeeded!
These 2 squares are from Liv and her best friend that spent the night.  They were kinda my prisoners and had to do what I told them to do so I would drive them to the mini-golf course that night.  I'm serious, if you come over to my house, you are giving me a square, even if I have to cut it off you myself!

The details are here if you'd pretty please like to participate.

Seriously... the email wishes are fine too... better than fine, email wishes (or a commnet on this post) are wonderful!  If you're a bloggie friend or follower, and can't do a quilt square, we'd be so appreciative if you'd email a wish our way for Mimi Jade!

Only 90 more to go... argh.


  1. Nancy, My family will be contributing three from all of us, one from me and one from Mazie's "sister", Hope. They are on their way! Promise. Please email me your address privately and I'll get them in the mail by next week :) Love, Beth

  2. Mine should be on its way. I'm going to email you the "wish" part, but the square is coming.

  3. OK...I'm in! PM me your address. I had to take a closer look--the fabric I have is very similar to the paisley in the pic. Not the same, though.

  4. **love**

    I'm thinking of disowning people for not contributing :) I'm talking family!!

  5. I was going to do this X2...but maybe now not so much!!! :) I WILL send you a square, and I'll make our nai nai send a square to, she follows your blog to! Send us your address and we'll get on it! If you need my email again let me know!

  6. I just put some squares in the mail today! Hopefully they'll work.


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