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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Boo turns

How old are you today?   I am nine.  

What did you pick for your birthday dinner?  I picked homemade pizzas.  I picked them because they are very good!  And you get to put whatever you want on them.  I will probably have ham and pineapple on mine.  

What are your favorite foods and why?  Pho is my favorite.  Pho is a Vietnamese food.  I like it because it is a soup, and it has very good tastes like rice noodles, bean sprouts, mint, and basil.  

What's your favorite color?  Green because it is a bright beautiful color.  

If you could live anywhere, where would you live and why?  I would live in Arizona, because it is a nice place to live, and it is beautiful.  I have other family members living here too.  I want to live in the same place as all of them.  Especially with my family.  

Do you like school?  Yes, because they have really nice teachers, and I have a lot of friends there.  My teacher now is really nice.  She is funny and tells jokes to me sometimes.  She's nice all the time.  
Who are your best friend(s)? J is my best friend because he likes the same stuff I do, like doing flips on the bars at school.  And he tell jokes.  
B is also my best friend because he is nice and has a lot of games that I like to play with him.  And since he lives right next door, I can go to him every day!

What do you want to do when you grow up?  I want to be a policeman when I grow up.  A police man arrests criminals and figures out crimes.  It sounds like a really cool job, and I think I would like it, especially the part of arresting people.  

What is something you do well?  I am very good at stunt biking.  I could show you when my bike gets here.  But I don't have a bike right now because it's at the cabin right now.  It hasn't come down yet.  That's sort of ok 'cause it's still hot right now.  I can ride my bike with no hands, and riding with only one hand, standing up, standing up with one hand...  That's all.  

What is something you'd like to do better?  I want to do a better job at cleaning my room when I'm suppose to because if I don't, I have to clean my room, and it's like a pain in the neck and really hard because I don't want to do it.  It looks like a mess and a pig sty.  So I'm going to try and clean it good everyday and keep it that way.  

Who is your role model?  Most likely Dad.  I just want to be like him.  Like he is really nice to me.  And I want more people to like me.  Lots of people like my dad! 
Happy birthday, Boo!  It is a pure delight to be your mama!  
You make being a mama easy!

We have finally arrived at the last celebration in our Crazy 8 birthday blitzkrieg.  5 birthdays in 36 days and by the time this mama is on the 5th celebration, we've all had enough cupcakes for a long while.  Poor Boo.  Sometimes he gets the short end of the stick with the last birthday in the string of five.  This year, I'm proud to say, we hit the nail on the head!  He came up to me and said, Mama, this is the best birthday ever!  It meant so much to hear him say that.  

We don't do a lot of parties for our kiddos.  Not to say that we don't celebrate.  We's do LOTS of celebrating!

So if it's your birthday in our home
  • 1) you get to pick your birthday dinner.  Which is usually homemade.  Occasionally it can be at a restaurant, but not usually.  Entree, dessert, whatever you like, and I'll gladly made it.  Cake, cupcakes or pie complete with candles and singing.  Followed by present opening of course!
  • 2) you get to pick an activity.  Past activities include bowling, rock climbing, laser tag, hot air balloon ride... We don't all go, because it would just be too costly.  But 1 parent will go and a sibling or two depending on the activity.
  • 3) you get to invite a friend of your choice.  Sometimes the friend is a favorite neighbor.  Or a best friend from school.  Or even a sister or brother.  Occasionally 2 friends come depending on the activity.
  • 4) you won't have to do your chores that day.  Your family will pick 'em up for you!
  • 5) you will get one gift from your parents.  Maybe some think that's not enough presents, but really, we do have quite enough stuff around here.  Usually there are a few presents to open including ones from grandparents, aunts & uncles, and siblings.  We live in a community that is saturated with folks who have a lot.  And we find that our children can easily get a skewed sense of reality, especially a skewed sense of what is necessary!  Want and need can easily get all blurred.  And what's really treasured can get lost when we're surrounded by so many things.  If our children need something, we get it for them.  But birthdays can be celebrated many ways, and we don't want it to be all about who gets the most stuff and most expensive things.  
  • 6) you will hear the story of the day you came into our arms, sometimes it is a birth story and sometimes an adoption story.  It is usually shared around the dinner table or as you're tucked into bed that night. 
So Boo really wanted one thing for his birthday... a dry-erase white board.  He has his own little private cubby underneath his bunk bed, and he wanted the board under there I guess to write his most important thoughts just as he dozes off.  Papa hung it up while he was at school, and when he come home from school he unwrapped a box of colored dry-erase markers, eraser and cleaner.  He was in heaven!  The first thing he wrote on his new board?  Thank you.  My heart melted.

His dinner was homemade pizzas.  His special request was ham and pineapple toppings, please.

He invited two friends over, B who is a year younger and lives just a couple doors down, and J who he just got to know in the last few weeks.

The activity he chose was go-cart racing!  Boo hit the wall hard on his second lap.  B was the youngest and was a speed demon.  And J threw up in his helmet.  Over all, they all had a blast!

Well that's the last birthday for a while!  Cupcakes, streamers, 1 real party, wrapping paper, our wedding anniversary, presents, lots of fun activities, forever-family day, balloons, friends, blown-out candles, and lots of singing all in the span of 36 days!  We survived the Crazy-8 birthday blitzkrieg of 2011!  Two more in November.  And then of course we're going to add that special 2-year-old birthday celebration in March which falls in the middle of a dry birthday spell of 7 months!



  1. I so enjoyed reading this post - loved the question format. And then that last question about the role model made my heart do a little flip. Such lovely photos. I was thinking as I was looking at his expressions that he seems like a sweet kid, and then I read your words about it being easy to me a mother to him. So your photos must be capturing the true him.

  2. Happy Birthday to Boo!
    (How old is he? - he's beautiful, inside and out!)

    I love your birthday sense!

  3. I LOVE your traditions and your focus on something other than STUFF! :)

  4. Happy Birthday, Boo!
    Anna Grace had her birthday today too. So special!
    Hope he has a great day!

  5. Happy Birthday Boo! Love, love, love your birthday posts, Nancy!!

  6. oh that story of his white board is so sweet!

  7. So the go cart riding made me laugh :) Sounds like a trip that would happen here!!
    Happy Birthdy Boo :)

  8. happy 9th! I guess I didnt realize our boys were so close in age (mine are 12 and 9) I love the birthday traditions at your house - we do similiar things - low key & family oriented!!

  9. Happy Birthday to your darling son!


    I really like your birthday rituals....

    Very cool!~

  10. What a fun way to celebrate! I love the note he left on his dry erase board. How sweet.

    Lovely photos. Beautiful lighting.

    Happy Birthday, Boo!

  11. Beautiful photos.....and wonderful blog!! I love connecting with other inspiring women online. LOVE your photography and your have a beautiful family!! :)

  12. Oh my goodness what a precious boy he is! I really enjoyed reading his answers. Happy Birthday to a sweet sweet boy!


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