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Thursday, September 22, 2011


More neat stuff worthy of passing on.  
We had this game, Qwirkle, in our cupboard, and I honestly have no idea where it came from!  If you happen to be the person that gave it to us, ('cause I can't remember buying it for the life of me!) and I forgot to send a thank you note, I am so very sorry.  You see I was abducted by aliens and didn't get around to writing my thank you notes.  Jackie Kennedy is surely rolling in her grave!  But please rest assured, we LOVE this game!
Grammy visited last weekend and this game was played no less than 4,309 times.  And the shocking part was that by Sunday we were still playing and still enjoying the game!
It took a while to get the hang of it.  But as soon as we figured out that it was a cross between Scrabble and Dominoes it was so fun!   Some good thinking going on and strategy too.
Boo just turned 9 and is in 3rd grade, and he picked it up SO quickly.  But fun for adults too, cause if I have to play one more game of Chutes and Ladders or Hi Ho Cheerio you might have to commit me somewhere.  Which sounds kinda nice actually.
See Grammy... no pics!  I'm true to my word!


  1. Looks like fun!! We LOVE games that we can "stand" :)

    So does Nana!!

  2. hummmmmm,
    I'm really craving a picture of grammy playing games with the family!

    We have this game, I think I should dust it off and play it! (kind of tired of princess memory)

  3. Us us us us us!!! It was a family
    Christmas present and I'm so happy to hear you love it...Now I know, maybe we should invest in one for ourselves!

  4. This reminds me I have to get out our games. I got this great game called Jungle Speed to review. It's so much fun. It's like "Spoons" but trickier!

  5. I hear ya on the Chutes and Ladders and Hi Ho Cheerio, but I'll add CandyLand, Old Maid, and Crazy 8's to the list as well, oh and Sequence.

  6. I am too late to take the credit, I was totally going to take the credit! Add Go fish, and "war" to that list of "I can't play it anymore"


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