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Friday, September 23, 2011


Meet Conrad.
Beloved, tattered, dirty, patched, and resewn Conrad.
Jude's Conrad.
Jude has kept one of his self-soothers from the orphanage.  When he is tired he used to stick his thumb in the collar of his shirt and rub his thumb underneath with his fingers.  With the introduction on Conrad, he now sticks his thumb in Conrad's shirt as he doses off each afternoon and evening.
We don't go anywhere without Conrad.

the long road


  1. Ohh, he does look "loved"! This is a great way to build up his immunity :o) Ha Ha Ha, when I look at baby P'r "Buddy" and see it dropped and run over and rubbed through the dirst then sucked on, I think, "he will be the healthiest of all."

  2. Oh, for some reason I thought this post would end with something sad happening to Conrad...I am so glad you were just sharing his story and the sweet photo!


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