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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


She has a name!

It was fun.  But it was also so much more difficult that I had imagined.  Both bio and adopted, we've never named any of our children prior to holding them in our arms, and there is still something about that I have a hard time with.  

But last night, I finally got around to opening many lengthy attachments in an email from my agency.  Contained were several documents that needed her new name, like now!  And the docs needed to be forwarded to the agency yesterday.  Oops.  Guess I should have opened it earlier.  We had the first name kinda settled on at that point, but the middle name wasn't even close to being settled.  Nothing seemed to "go" with the first name had we picked.  I left it up to the big girls at the breakfast table, but they couldn't agree.  Papa was so done with any talk of names at that point.  Patch decided her middle name should be Felizitas.  Not a clue where he came up with that, but I looked it up, and it's actually a name.  
Then a lovely email from a bloggie friend that offered to help translate her given Chinese name.  It was a perfect fit.  Amazing how that happens.

So here is the name perfect for our new little precious gem-

Mimi Jade Wanwen

Mimi-  Mimi was my paternal grandmother's {my very favorite grandmother's} name.  I can not tell you how much I miss her.  She was an amazing, incredibly strong, women that someday I will gain the strength to write about.  She only had 2 grandchildren, me and my brother, and you can imagine how we were adored.  The feeling was mutual.  She passed away unexpectedly 3 days after we returned home with Tess and Jude.  Now Mimi is her not her given name.  It is her blog name that we'll use here since I feel this way about names and all.  But Mimi is actually a nickname that we'll actually use since is a actually a name my grandmother went by too.  

Jade - See below.  Again, our precious gem.
Wanwen  Her given name in China.  
The first part of her name, Wan (pronounced "won") means "ten thousand" or "a great number."  The second character in her given name is Wen. (pronounced "wen")  It refers to the texture or the vein of jade, a precious stone of course.  It indicates that the child is precious to his/her parents and whoever cares about her.  
In China the two names are put together, (as we might call someone RoseMary or JimBob) and more importantly the two names are interpreted together as one meaning, both literally and figuratively.  The two meanings come together to help interpret and modify one another and emphasize the significance.  I've interpreted her China name (hopefully not incorrectly) to mean an abundance of something precious and treasured.  Oh yes,  that would be very very accurate indeed!

My grandmother, Mazie, explained that when I was a bitty girl, that I couldn't pronounce Grandma and she never liked her name Mazie anyways, so she had me call her Mimi, as it was easy for a little one to pronounce.  I falsely assumed for at least a couple decades that Mimi was a diminutive of grandmother like Grammy or Nana.   I never knew it was a name in it's own right.  I always called her Mimi, as others did too.  I'm not sure if our Mazie will end up adopting this nickname as well, but it's a likely scenario.  

This one from just after her 1st birthday, toothless grin, with a couple owies that make me want to scoop her up and make it all better.
Our beautiful and precious girl,  shaved head and all!

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