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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Do you remember that friend you had when you were 15?
The one you passed notes to, about the cute guy in your chemistry class?

The one who slept over at your house every other weekend and you talked and giggled into the night with?
The one you were so grateful to have freshman PE with?

The one who knew the combination to your locker?
The one you went shopping with for homecoming dresses, then got ready for the dance together?
The one who gave you a hug when that cute guy didn't ask you to dance?

The one you learned to drive with and sang to the radio at the top of your lungs?
The one you wanted to share a dorm room with in college?

The one who stood by your side at the church alter as you married?
The one who held your babies in the hospital hours after they were born?

The one you still call for advice when your 15-year-old daughter gets in trouble for not paying attention in chemistry class?

I need to go make a phone call.


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