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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The 3 Faces of Eve

and by 3 I mean 9 - Or - Patch turns 13
"Where did THOSE 13 years go?"
How old are you today?   13.  I think 13 is going to change me into a more interesting man... in a good way... not a bad way.  
"Bieber Impersonation"
What did you pick for your birthday dinner?  Steak and baked potatoes because steak and potatoes are yummy!  I think we had mushrooms too, but you guys ate them because I don't like them.  It was yummy!
"Really?  More pictures?"
What are your favorite foods and why?  Mango are my very favorite because they are sweet but not too sweet.  Coffee like Starbucks  is my favorite too, like the drink that Sunny gets.  It has a carmel drizzled on top and whipped cream.  Sunny knows the name, but I don't know it.  I really like it becuase it tastes good, and I like whipped cream.   It's cold, and it's really hot here!

He called this one "Moral Injustice."  Really he did.   I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried!
What's your favorite color? Purple white and Pink.  I just think they are cool colors because they are bright and white is nothing, like all the colors together.

If you could live anywhere, where would you live and why?  Bangladesh.  It has a cool name, and that's all I really know about it.  I would live there just for the cool name.  
Do you like school?  No, I don't like school because it's boring.  All of it is boring especially Language Arts.  I don't get Language Arts, and I get confused.  School also has homework, and that takes away from the time I could be playing with my friends. 
Who are your best friend? My best friend is Ben.   Ben is good at baseball and has brown hair that is curly.  He is my best friend because he is nice.  He helps me with my homework, like today in school he helped me with my math.   
"Stink Pot"
What do you want to do when you grow up?  I want to be Papa's job.  He stands on garbage cans and looks at the attics of houses while he measures their homes.  I like his job 'cause it's entertaining and he has a laser pointer.  
Or I want to be an inter-galactic space man. 

What is something you do well?  I am well at grammar.  No, I'm kidding!  
I am very good at long boarding like sketching, a backwards turn.  (gives Mama a demo in the living room of riding on his skateboard)

"Teenager"  (Mama gulp)
What is something you'd like to do better?  I'd like to do better at spelling.  It's hard to remember the spelling of the words , and it's tough because I get bad grades on spelling tests.  I'm trying to remember the words and study better.  

Who is your role model?  Grandpapa is my role model.  He is my mom's dad.  He is interesting 'cause he knows a lot about some things and a little about everything.  He has a handlebar mustache, but I don't want one of those because I'm only 13.  Grandpapa's smart, and I want to be like that because I want to be smart like him.  

the long road


  1. Happy birthday! He sounds like a funny, sweet kid. (am I allowed to say when they are 13?)

  2. LOVE, LOVE this!! What a funny and handsome guy! Happy Birthday!!

  3. He's adorable! [Does he want to know that a 37 year old mom thinks so? Doubt it.]

  4. He looks just like my 15yr old....JUST LIKE HIM!

    Haircut is the same, blue eyes, smile!

  5. Ohhh- Happy Birthday to him! 13 is a BIG DEAL! I know that when my son turned 13 just last Feb- it was quite a moment for us parents!

  6. Awww, I think I'm in love with this post! He seems like a sweet 13 yr old. Why can't mine be that sweet? : ) He used to be. Happy Birthday handsome!

  7. OH MY GOODNESS! My oldest will be 13 on Monday, and this post has me in a puddle.

    But I am totally stealing your idea (and questions) if that is alright with you!

    Happy 13th to your son!

  8. Awww, my son recently turned 13 and I just about had a coronary. I am not sure where 13 years went... but I have a feeling the next 5 a re going to fly by :(

  9. Oh, Patch! Your Crazy-Whompus face is my very favorite! Silly, silly boy! He sounds like loads of fun - always good for a laugh :) happy Birthday!!

  10. Cute!!

    If you miss Black and White Wednesdays come over to my blog tomorrow.

    and check out my first ever Black and White Wednesday blog hop.
    Share your black and white shots and check out the black and white photos from others.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas!

    Mrs. Claus


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