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Friday, August 12, 2011

Winner winner... Summer

Or - It's a good day to be named Sharon.

I'm late.
I'm SO very late that I'm just dying right here and right now of embarrassment.  I could go on and on with excuses of how school started and we had to haul back to the stinkin' hot desert, and I'm really miss little cabin in the woods, and IEP meetings for T&J, and the canning season has started with peaches on sale 3 lbs for $1, and the laundry pile that never gets smaller because of pool towels, and the birthday blitzkrieg is upon us, and... and... and...
Will y'all forgive me?

I will say, there were some AWESOME (that word dates me, hu?) entries this month!

First the runner up...
Sharon at The Covert Lens.  (I can't get the URL off her image cause she's all tech-y and knows how to protect her images so I can't steal them.  Good for you Sharon!  So you all will just have to click the link.  Do it.  It's worth it!)  Her image just oozes summer.  I can just feel the warmth and the sand between my toes.  It's just yummy all the way around.  Gotta love the bokeh from the light coming off the water in the background.  And there's just something all around dreamy about it... they way summer should be!

And the winner is...
another Sharon from Everything Beautiful...
When I first saw the winning entry, when it was first posted, I thought, hey, that might be the one!  And sure enough it is!  Total summer all the way and technically gorgeous!  I just adore this one!!!!  The colors are gorgeous and so bright, and I don't know if she planned that blue background or not, but it's heavenly!  The focus is tac on.  The eyelashes, and watermelon to top it off!  Nothing screams summer like watermelon and children!  It's just wonderful, Sharon!  Thank you so so much for entering it!  
(Sharon-Contact/email/comment me with your email address so I can forward you the code and install instructions for your brand new Le Creuset 9-Piece Cookware Set Picture Perfect winner's badge for your blog.) 

Until I can get a handle on the laundry pile, I'm gonna take a hiatus from August's Picture Perfect.  It WILL be back.  But I just can't handle the thought of leaving you all hanging like I just did.   


  1. Your busy life sounds JUST like mine!!! Thank you for the kind words about my photo~ didn't plan anything about it... just shot it trying to capture how much SJ loves watermelon and this is what I got. Lovely. Thank you again!!!

  2. Linhsey and ShayleeJoy are both such summery subjects! And both Sharons rock behind the lens!!

  3. Great choice! That is an awesome photo!!

  4. Thank you, Nancy, for your sweet comment left on my blog. The wait can just wear you down--so hopeful that we both won't have to wait much longer!

  5. Awesome : ) ! Congrats Sharon.....from Sharon...hehehe. Thank you Nancy!


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