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Monday, August 15, 2011

Water Baby

Saying she loves swimming is an understatement. In the two weeks we've been home, this girl of mine is pretty convinced that we've got it all wrong.  She's actually a fish you know.
As with most other things in her life, she has taken to the swimming pool with no fear or hesitation... no concern at all that her life may be in jeopardy.  He eyes are wide open, literally, the whole time.

She loves to jump in when no one is looking.
She adores stepping off that last step and sinking to the bottom and looking around.
She loves swimming underwater, "chasing" her big brothers and sisters with a single breath.
She's scaring her parents something silly!
At almost 4 years old, she's 25 lbs, and despite the high fat diet, I'm pretty sure there is little to no body fat on this child.  Nothing to assist her buoyancy   Thus floating and even getting her mouth above water seems to be her biggest challenge.  But breathing {or rather the lack of breathing} doesn't seem to phase her in the least.
I've even let her stay under just a bit too long on several occasions and pulled her up sputtering trying to teach her a lesson.
She's still convinced she's a fish.
PS(A) - If you have a pool, or have a child that swims in a pool, this is worth watching.  Maybe it should be required viewing for pool owners.  Watch the first 4 1/2 minutes and don't skip forward.  It's the passage of time, those 4 1/2 minutes, that makes it so significant.  It does have a happy ending.
Please watch your kiddos around water.


  1. Your description of Tess sounds so much like our little man Kaden! Total fish! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  2. That video is both horrible and wonderful. I just don't get the mom??? Water really does scare me and I see our pool as an incredible responsibility. Reagan was very much like Tess just a couple of years ago. She's always loved being underwater... long before she could swim. She'd happily just float under there until she ran out of breath, at which point she'd just shake her head and wait patiently for someone to pick her up. We were very relieved when she figured out how to get to the edge unassisted!

  3. Mya is a lot less fearful of water than Id like her to be! Mt boys were always a bit hesitant, which I could appreciate :)

  4. Marissa was a dolphin in a former life. She's got the moves down perfect. Gene is a excellent swimmer now, but held on for dear life until he reached 2nd grade. L is loving the water this year, but not as much as your fish.


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