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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sunday Snapshot {Date Night}

We are really blessed to have 2 teenager in-house babysitters that actually encourage us to go out regularly.  Oh yes, I know how lucky we are!  But often Papa and I find ourselves at Costco on date night, or better yet, Home Depot filling the the list of things that we'll need for the weekend's honey-do list.  Not very romantic I know.  But ANY one-on-one time with my sweetie is divine!
But this weekend, Papa surprised me with a date night.  A date night that he made all the plans for and made reservations for and was excited about and surprised me with last minute with!

Baseball tickets!
Dinner at the rail!
Complete with a view of the bull pen!
Yes our stadium has a pool in it.
Then in the 7th inning we moved to stadium seats above the other bull pen.
And our favorite pitcher no less!
And our D-backs won!  Sorry Mets fans.
Then they rolled the sunroof back on the stadium...
...and we topped off the night with fireworks!
And maybe a smooch or two.

Bliss I tell you!

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  1. My husband would totally drool over a date night like that! Very cool! :) Have a wonderful Sunday!

  2. Awh what a fun date night!!!
    Happy Sunday~ (:
    -Kirstie Bikakis

  3. Great date night!!! Does it really matter what you do? Sometimes a night off doing anything is great. We also have built in babysitters and it is such a blessing.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great photos!!!!
    You left out a few at the end.... hahah
    never mind that!

    Date night is so refreshing!

  5. What a fun date night! Love going to MLB games, but we don't live anywhere near a team right now.

  6. What a fun date night and such great photos. I can sure relate to Home Depot date night...we have definitely been there done that one too!

  7. Great photos! Looks like such a fun date night. Hubby and I usually do something like go to the store on date night too, but once and a while we "splurge" and do something really fun.

    Your children are beautiful--your family seems like such an inspiration!


  8. What a fun night!

    And a pool at the baseball stadium?? Wow! All we have is a triple-A team and my daughter is a football fanatic who wants nothing to do with baseball...

  9. My hubby and I are planning a date and I think you just gave me a great idea! :) Looks like you guys had a great time!

  10. I can't see the pics (just my crapyp internet) but woohoo for baseball date night! I'm a nut for baseball. So much that Saturday we drove three hours one way just to take the kids to the Reds game. We used to go all the time (living 20 minutes from the stadium was awesome!).

    Celebrate date night!


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