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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Summer faves

It's a 116 degrees today and my summer is over.   Sure doesn't feel like it.  My head is still sweating.  Head sweat is the worst!  Any one know what I'm talking about?

Kelly, is hosting "favorite images of summer" over on her blog.  Got me perusing my photos to see what images I had captured this summer.  I was really busy this summer doing lots of absolutely nothing, and somehow, I just don't think I got around to taking as many photos as I usually do.  But as I looked around, I do have some favorites that remind me what an awesome summer it was.

This fist pic is my newest nephew, M.  I adore the short depth of focus, making me focus on those sweet eyelashes.  And gotta love the orange and green together, including that little bit or peach fuzz that matches his shirt!  Little boys with squishable cheeks are divine!

I had a whole series of pics of Tess running around and being crazy whompus.  As Tess often does, she got this serious moment in the middle of it all and those eyes or hers just pierced my soul... once again.  So so glad I captured it.   Plus the side light is so pretty!

I love this image for the way it frames Jude's body.  He was pretty wet after finding the hose (thus the reason he doesn't have a shirt) and brown never looked so pretty to me.  Brown fence rails.  Brown wall behind.  Brown shoes and shorts.  Brown hair and eyes.  

I think this will forever be one of my favorite pics of Liv ever.  Ever.  Ever.  Mostly I love the imperfections about it.  (And ya, the incredible light!)  The black rubber band around her wrist.  Her crooked necklace.  That hair falling in front of her eye.  This image just oozes so much of who Liv is in her soul.  I imagine it will appear on her wedding video some day.

OK, I'm a sucker for light.  I'm frequently practicing back lighting.  And this one just feels so summer-y to me.  The way the little particles in the air have light reflected off them.  The sun flare.  The halo around her hair.  Plus the movement of her dress and body.  I think this one is going to be blown up big, 24"x36" on one of those canvases.  

I don't think this image ever made the blog.  This may be Sunny's last year at home.  We were at a picnic and there was some farm equipment.  We jumped the fence and shot a couple frames for her senior photos.  Sunny is such a city girl and that tractor behind her is such a dichotomy.  

This one just captures what 90% of my summer was like.  Watching near naked babes, cousins, playing in my in-law's back yard.  Summer is cousin time for us, and we had a whole glorious lot of it this season!

This is who Patch is, soaking up life at every single turn.  He was actually in the middle of an 18 hole golf tournament, and not doing very well either.  Didnt' matter one bit to him.  Life is good.
Luv it in black & white.

The annual pow-wow is always a highlight of my summer.  So many colors and sounds and flavors.  I had this image, but in black and white, enlarged and hung at little cabin in the woods.  
The beginning of our summer was consumed with tracking the Wallow fire.  It was about 25 miles away and smoke often blanketed little cabin in the woods.  This sign says so much about how this community views wild fires and the hot shots that protect it.  

I didn't take this shot, Liv did.  This is me and my very best friends from both grade school, middle school, and high school.  We still see each other about every month or so.  This one is getting framed for sure!

Hop on over to Kelly's blog to see more favorite images of summer, and add some of your own!  What happened to summer?  It's gone already?


  1. Tess has eyes like deep pools. You can practically swim in her beautiful eyes. Wow. :) Each of the pictures are amazing! :)

  2. Wonderful pictures! It is still summer time over here in Jamaica. Have a good week.

  3. Great shots. Love the sun glare too. Happy Fall!?

  4. Beautiful pictures. I want to take good pictures, I even have a decent camera, but I'm completely inept at it!

    My Chick sweats the second her head hits 80 degree weather. Poor thing steps off the bus after school with her hair soaked to her forehead. And it's only 90 here, I can't imagine 116!

  5. Oh, that picture of Sunny is GORGEOUS!!! And Patch!? What a happy, adorable kid (even if he Is ISN'T a good golfer:)) where is Sunny heading after school? College?

    116?! I could die just reading that number. You really should come visit us Iowans :) I will take you to the apple orchard!

  6. These are all incredibly beautiful photos! You have a beautiful family and a real eye for capturing those special moments!


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