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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Livy turns 15

How old are you today?   Fourt... oops.  Fifteen.

What did you pick for your birthday dinner?  It was actually lunch and we went to The Olive Garden.  I had fettuccine alfredo and a lot of bread sticks!

What are your favorite foods and why?  Frozen yogurt because it's really good, and it makes my teeth feel better when I get my braces tightened.  Spaghetti but only the one that has my mom's homemade sauce with the sausage in it.  It's really good!  Oh, and phở or course!
What's your favorite color?  I think orange or purple because they are so fun.  And pink is a bad color because it just is.  

If you could live anywhere, where would you live and why?  Australia or Africa or maybe the Caribbean.  I want to travel the world because it sounds fun to travel because you get to meet a lot of new people and you could help in orphanages and volunteer and help people.  Or maybe with my mom, because she'll be old and all hormonal and stuff and get night sweats, and it'll be funny!  Hahaha!

Do you like school?  I love school because my best friends are there.  I don't really like the classes much, except for my woman's choir class.  I like all the activities we do in choir, and both my best friends are in that class.  
Who are your best friend(s)? Bianca and Shelia are my best friends.  I met them in choir on the second day of high school when I was a freshman.  We were friends right away because we had a lot of classes together.  We like to go swimming together and go to the mall and just basically hang out.  I'm pretty sure we will always be friends.  I'm planning on them being my bride's maids.  

What do you want to do when you grow up?  I'm planning on being a NICU nurse or a pediatric nurse, but I think I'd like to start off in the military as a nurse so I can travel.  I would like to help people and especially babies, especially when they are so little.  And babies can't argue with you.  

What is something you do well?  I fly fish well because this summer I caught more fish than dad did!  I plan on traveling with my dad and fly fishing with him.  

What is something you'd like to do better?  Math.  I'm not very good at math.  And English too.  They're not my strong subjects.

Who is your role model?  Jesus, 'cause he's perfect, and I strive to be perfect even though I know I'll never be because it's impossible.  It's good to try to get as close to God as you can.  
Can you tell we've decided to do a "birthday interview" along with the annual birthday photos for all the kiddos this year?  Thought it would be fun for them to read their own words decades from now.  2 birthday interviews down and 3 more to go in the next 30 days.  

I have lovely light in my closet of all places.  And really, if you're lucky enough to have a window in your closet, then your lucky enough!  She was on her way out the door, when I hollered, Hey just a few birthday pictures.

Gone are the days when she wants to celebrate her birthday with her family around the dinner table with cupcakes.  This year she switched it up on us and wanted to play laser tag with her two best friends and her sister.  
I cried and cried as I edited these photos.  Where has the time gone?  Please just tell me she'll never never leave me.  Go ahead and lie to me.  Let me live in my bubble or denial and bliss.  She takes my breath away.  How in the world did I get a child this incredibly beautiful, and how will I ever let. her. go?
Happy birthday, Livy bivy.  The world is yours. 


  1. Happy Birthday to your precious girl! Our middle girl turned 4 today. Before we turn around, we'll be where you are...time flies!

  2. prechrswife-How neat our girls share a birthday! Maybe that means we're related? Hmmmmmm

  3. Happy Birthday! Oh Nancy she is just so beautiful inside and out and I can't see one reason why you would need to let her go. Nope. None. So it's final then.... she stays... forever... no traveling unless it's with you to help you with night sweats (hehehe) or to fly fish with her dad and catch more than him!

  4. Lovely post and beautiful photos of your gorgeous girl! Children never leave; they just don't. Though traveling does sound pretty fun!

  5. Happy birthday to your 15 year old! Wow! She's a beautiful girl. Lovely pix.

  6. Oh wow, stunning Nancy! What a beauty :-)

  7. You cried and cried while editing and I cried while reading. I know that although I want to tear my hair out during the terrible threes, I'll miss them terribly when the boys aren't little anymore.

    Happy birthday, Livy!

  8. Happy Birthday beautiful Livvy, you are even more then words can say. Stay wuth your Mommy always.

  9. i always get weepy when i see pics of your girls. they are so lovely and wonderful. i hope my daughter grows up as gracefully as they are. happy birthday L!

  10. I want to lie to you, I really do - but I think this child of yours? She has to leave. She has to make her mark on the world for the Kingdom. And I have a's gonna be a big one.

  11. Football---Oh thank you! You have a way with words. Ok... I'll let her go a bit, but only for Him.

  12. these are very lovely, relaxed, portraits!


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