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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sunday Snapshot {Let the canning begin}

It's canning season again!
My sister-in-law and I have been busy little bees.  'Cause when we find peaches on sale for 3lbs for a dollar, we just can't pass it up.
For much of August and September, we'll be getting together and peeling and smashing or boiling or canning.
This week I found pears on sale for 3 lbs for $1 and texted Sherri to see if she was game.  We had just done peaches last week, and peach jam the week before that, and I wasn't sure if the blisters from all that peeling had healed yet.
We have 10 kiddos between us, and only one is toddling around this time.
This is my nephew P who is trying so hard to show me he'll be "two fingers" next month.
Don't let that toddler in your lap slow your down, Sherri!  You still have 47 lbs of pears to peel!
Putting the peels and cores in the syrup to simmer makes the most heavenly "juice" for the pears.
Boo calls it "juice" in the hopes that I'll let him put it in a cup and drink it.  Fat chance, Boo.
Some where in the middle of it all, we had to take a break to meet Tess and Jude's school bus.
How excited my littles were to share their day with me...
...and their Auntie Sherri too.
We feed all the little ones lunch, put them down for naps, and finish up canning and tidy up the kitchen.

So 54 pounds a pears later, and new blisters from peeling and coring, we ended up with 28 quarts of spiced pears.  14 quarts per family.
Aren't they pretty?
This stuff is divine on cottage cheese!  Or on pancakes or waffles.  Or the lazy mama-got-up-late-this-moring way in a bowl with a spoon.  We pop open a quart jar of fruit for breakfast about once or twice a week the whole school  year.  No artificial colors, or preservatives.  Just fruit and sugar and water.  Oh ya, and a little nutmeg this time too.  At less than $1 a jar, it is SO worth it.
So far this year we've made peach-strawberry jam, canned peaches, peach marmalade, spiced pears, and peach and pear pancake syrup.  Hopefully still to come depending on what goes on sale are applesauce, spiced apples, strawberry-plum jam, pumpkin butter, and orange marmalade.  Maybe it's all that brain damage from excessive exposure to progesterone, but I actually look forward to canning season.  Sure, it's a ton of work, but my family loves what we make and I get a ton of Oh that's my favorite! and This is so good, Mama!
And that makes it so worth while!
Sunday Snapshot


  1. Nice to meet you! Popping over from Courtney's blog. Your family and your blog are beautiful. love the photography.

  2. What will, "oh, this is so good,mama!" get me?!

    Looks like tons of fun!! My Mom is a serious canner and there are only 2 of them at home, so I am usually the benefactor of all sorts of canned goodies - stuff from the garden mostly! Can't complain!

  3. I SO want some on some pancakes...maybe with whipped cream even. So jealous!

  4. Your jars of pears look scrumptious - what a good tip about including the core & peels. Beautiful photos too.

  5. Yum, yum, yum! You guys rocked it out!!!

  6. Oh how yummy! Some day I will attempt to learn to do such things. Some day...

  7. drooling.......

    grew up on this goodness.... wish I continued to do this.

  8. Oh. my. goodness! Those looks so delicious! So much work! How fun to can with family.

  9. Wow you guys have sure been busy. I'm just waiting for my tomatoes to grow so I can can some.

  10. Next time I get the camera :o) I must say, I look foward to every time we get to do this together, it really just makes my day/my week! I love to cook, be with family, and share in your wisdom(as I am always in need of some). Thank you for these awesome moments together. My pantry is filling up, I love it!!! Can't wait to do more. Plums are 49 cents a pound at Fresh n Easy this week. hmmm????

  11. That's crazy...and awesome...and crazy.

    I've never canned anything. Maybe I should learn because we eat a lot of fruit!

  12. can i maintain the fantasy of coming to can with you next year?

  13. Wow! Wonderful pictures. I like peaches and pears. I am from Jamaica and from time to time we have bought these sold in tins. I live on a farm so we have a variety of fruits also. The pictures of your family are also real lovely. I am happy to become a Follower of your Blog. I heard about it on Reflexions:Get Connected Tuesday. Take care and my best wishes to you.

  14. Impressive Nancy. You never cease to amaze me! I'm looking forward to that pumpkin butter. You are sending some my way, right?


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