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Monday, August 29, 2011

Chapter 2 - Why China?

Why not?

There are millions orphans in the world.  Is any one of them less or more deserving than another to have a forever family?  Does being a citizen of one particular country mean this child is more or less deserving of mother love than a another child born a citizen of a different country?

Ask us the same question a decade earlier, and our answer would have been very very different.  But ever since we visited there, Papa and I have been fascinated with Asian cultures.  Just because we are more familiar with it than other Asian countries, VietNam would have been our first choice.  Just keepin' it real.  But VietNam is now closed to US citizens to adopt from.  (Don't even get me up on that soap box.  I might never come down.)  But our family has committed to bringing up our children to embrace their Asian heritage and part of this means celebrating holidays and eating foods from half way around the world and...  Again, to be frank, (or Bob, or Mark, or Howard) I'm lazy, and introducing another culture into our home at this point, would only dilute the celebration of the Asian culture that we all have come to love.

I guess that leaves why not adopt from the US foster care system.  Hmmmmm...  That one is a little harder to answer.  We took all the classes and everything.  The most honest answer I can give is that we really felt God was again leading us to to international adoption, specifically China.  A lot of prayer and conversation with The Big Guy upstairs, and He directed our path.  Both Papa and I whole-heatedly believe that someday, we will get involved in the US foster care system.  But probably not with the intention of adoption, but rather with the intention that it really is the right thing to do.

But for now, God led our hearts back to Asia.

So why adopt from China?  The simplest answer is still... Why not?


  1. You're right, why not?

    I always wanted to adopt from China since the first time we talked about adoption. At the time I was only 28, so we weren't allowed. We adopted from Taiwan instead. We would have loved to adopt from Taiwan again but they are completely revamping their system and we were advised that it could completely stop the process there altogether, if not delay us several years.


    So we picked China. Asian culture has always been one close to our heart and we really can't wait to add another little person into it.

  2. even if you AREN'T going to soapbox it today, may I?

    100% of the people who have asked me, "Why China?" have NOT adopted or fostered...not now, not ever - and most likely never will...not from the US or anywhere else. They have not answered the call to care for the downtrodden in any capacity and really, truly could not even begin to understand the immensity of what it means to answer that call and travel clear across the world to literally encounter Jesus.

    If only they knew.

    And to you I say - congratulations on responding to the call in humility - I have a feeling you are going to have your socks blessed off with your new China baby.

  3. Anyone that asks "why China" should HAVE TO answer the question "why not"? or even asks "why adopt"? Oh I really want to soapbox because we have been bombarded with those questions lately. The most recent idi#t saying "there are a million orphans in China, yall going to bring them all home"? I thanked God that day that the question was directed at my husband and I wasn't there. He has much more reserve or tact than I do! I probably would have said things that would have jeopardized my husbands job oops...I have repented for the thoughts and ill will that I felt towards that man.
    People that ask these questions have never held an orphan while they go to sleep, or heard them say I love you.
    I'm so excited that God is leading you towards another Asian beauty to love! Why not?

  4. I answer the question by saying My child is there and God told me to go. Simple as that. I am a believer and believe if HE brings me to it, HE will take me through it. I totally agree with Sara~ preach on girl!!! Can't wait to see God work in your beautiful family!!!
    In His Love,

  5. Sounds like a great adoption t-shirt logo!! :) I'm always a bit taken back when people ask us why we would go to another country to adopt. I think it is hard to explain your "heart" for a certain country/people...but it is that pull that has and is bringing our children home!

    (By the didn't miss any clues, there were none..I may need to give some, though! :)

  6. Amen Sista! I have to remember though that not many people have felt these feelings to adopt from another country. It's "foreign" to them and that's okay. I'm just grateful that I know what you're talking about because I've had similar discussions and prayers and thoughts and have changed for the better because of them.

  7. Wow, You and I have a similar heart. We to adopted our 1st from Vietnam, fell in love with Asia, Adopted from China and would like to maybe some day do foster care (but not adopt)


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