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Friday, August 5, 2011

20 years ago...

Ok 20 years ago, the day before yesterday if we're really gonna be honest here...
(yes, that would also be Jude's birthday)
20 years ago I married this man.
This man.
This man that still makes my heart flutter.
That still makes me cry if I think about it too much.
This man who I've been abundantly blessed to have 6 children with.
This man who has picked me up off the floor and held me at my worst.
This man who has celebrated all the joy and everyday blessings and laughter.
This man that God blessed me since age 16 to have as my other half.
This man who is now cursing grey hair, and deteriorating vision with me.
Oh this sweet sweet man.

PS-Does it look like I'm about to hurl champagne all over the reception in that pic?


  1. No, you look like you're holding back a smile. And your husband looks like your boys :)

  2. Congrats on a big accomplishment! My husband saw yours and almost thought it was a photo of him...very similar looks, in that pic, anyway.

  3. Beautiful picture. What a wonderful feeling to be with your love for so long and have such a wonderful story to tell your children and grandchildren some day as well! ;)

  4. Happy Anniversary to you both! The Good Lord created a beautiful family! :)


  5. Did you ever find the marriage license? What a wonderul, fun, love filled day twenty years ago Aug 3rd. The picture says it all, love, laughter and a beautiful couple.


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