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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sunday Snapshot {The stuff summers are made of}

I've been a crafting sewing fool!
This summer finds me spending much time with extended family, and I've been blessed with time (lovely sweet simple time) to enjoy their company, be with my 5 sweet nephews and 1 niece, (that is grossly outnumbered) and undertake some fun craft projects with my sister-in-law.  I'll share more on the specifics later cause there are some really fun easy crafts we've done!
In the midst of this craft-a-alooza, there are 10 children that need to be tended between the two of us.  Thus every project takes 3x as long.  But that doesn't stop us.  Included in these 10 are 3 toddlers that are frequently underfoot exploring the foot peddle of the sewing machine, unwinding then rewinding spools of ribbon around each other, making unreasonable demands like milk please and fresh fruit, and wreaking general havoc.  It's not the optimal atmosphere for crafting, but I wouldn't have it any other way!
A couple days ago, the 3 littlest ones needed an outlet... badly.  We had exhausted our supply of Fruit Loops and needed to be creative with our entertainment possibilities.  So we stripped them down to their skivvies, filled an old bucket with water, and raided my mother-in-laws kitchen for unbreakable utensils.  It wasn't fancy, but it was successful!
They were in heaven!
On a photography side note---This was also my opportunity to try out my sister-in-laws lens.  The most powerful lens I have in my bag is a 100mm prime.  I kinda think that I would like a 200 or 300 zoom lens for sports or trips to the zoo.  This one, that I was tying out is a something-300mm zoom.  But I've often thought I prefer fixed (or prime) lenses, the ones that don't have any zoom.  I really liked the ability to get up close, but these images just don't seem to be as clear as I want.
On a parenting side note--- Yes, very occasionally, if laundry isn't caught up, Tess will wear Jude's unders.  I think there are bigger problems in life so I'm not going to worry about it.  Never the other way around though.  Maybe this will be one of those really funny things in a couple decades.  This almost stopped me from posting these pics.
On a nutritional side note--- Still trying to pack on some extra lbs on my skinny mini babes.  I've pretty much come to the resolution that God created my littles not only petite, but very slender, very bony, and with hardly an ounce of fat on 'em.

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  1. Great memories. You take beautiful photo's. Hopped over from Ni Hao Yall.

  2. Water play--perfect for a summer day and to occupy the littles while you craft! They look quite happy!

  3. At least the undies are on the butt...I have had superman undies worn on the head!

    no fat on my kids either. they get cold pretty fast in the MN waters.

  4. Your family is gorgeous. And I love that she is wearing her brothers skivvies....hahaha!!!! That is is that last pic. Wow!


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