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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The change is a comin'  {And I'm not talking about hot flashes and night sweats.  Although maybe I should be.}

Will you recognize me the next time you swing on by?

Really... it's kinda sad that I'm this giddy over a blog makeover.


  1. Your blog is beautiful. Can't wait to see what you create from here. Are you doing the makeover yourself? I need help myself and don't know where to go.

  2. Jennifer--Julie, at Deluxe Designs, did the design. She was fabulous to work with and really helped me be a part of the process. He contact info in on my right sidebar, all the way at the bottom.

  3. Love the new look Nancy! The white background is much easier on the eyes for sure and I love the soft colors on the header! I need to figure out how to do a slideshow header :-)

  4. Oops, somehow managed to post my comment on THIS post instead of the other ... oh well, you get the idea! LOL.

  5. It's absolutely wonderful! I love it! It's so bright :) Congratulations on the big change!


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