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Saturday, June 11, 2011

When smoke gets in your eyes

The fire is still burning.  
408,000 acres so far.
6% contained.
It is currently about 30 miles north of us.
Thankfully the wind has died down the last couple days helping the firefighters and hotshots actually get some work done.  Word has it, that the fire went through Greer, a sweet little town about 35 miles northeast, destroying 22 homes and damaging several others.   The Crazy 8s have had many o'picnics in Greer.

The fire is burning in our direction but very very slowly.  Aside from the smoky air, we are in no danger.  The forest in between the fire and little cabin in the woods, is very healthy and thinned, thanks to the Apache Indian tribe.  Our little town is flooded with evacuees and our sole grocery store is having a bit of trouble keeping the shelves stocked.

Sunny came home with a fire victim, a puppy, yesterday.  It was a little chocolate lab mix with blue eyes, probably not quite old enough to be away from his mama.  He was adorable, and I started to melt.  I mean when you have 6 kids, what's a 3rd dog, right?  I disinherited Sunny right then and there.  An evacuee couldn't take the puppies into the evacuation site, (the local high school gym) forcing them to find homes for their puppies quickly.  Sunny went door to door and finally found a home for the dislocated sweetie, who was appropriately named Wallow.

Speaking of the Apaches... more of the pow wow coming today (and by today I mean soon... ish)


  1. This is so sad. I really hope the firefighters were able to make some progress today. And I'm glad people are taking homeless pets. Still praying...

  2. I hope god is with all the people who have lost there house and family! This is a very devastating fire! God Bless Them!

  3. I hope everything is soon under control. So sad.


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