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Monday, June 27, 2011

Two types of friends

I returned from my home town and my high school reunion to little cabin in the woods exhausted and happy.  I had so much fun and reminisced with many old friends.  There’s just something about being with folks who know where you come from.  There’s so much you don’t have to explain.  So much I don’t have to say about being a small town girl.  Like I could breathe a bit deeper.  Not sure if that makes any sense, but it was nice.  Really super duper nice. 

Then I discovered that I have no internet, and I’m feeling a bit like I’m missing a limb.  Or at least missing my bloggie friends.  Can you hear me now???  How ‘bout now?  Oh dear bloggie friends… where art thou?  I have only squirrels, baby chipmunks, and a bevy of children to keep me company.    Don’t get me wrong, it’s wonderful company, but you’re missing.
Speaking of the reunion, these are my best childhood friends.  We became best friends in 6th grade.  In middle school we were pretty inseparable.  We attended our first dances together and learned to dance to Adam Ant and Survivor.  I learned how to drive with them in a yellow 1970 Volkswagen bug.  It was a sweet ride even then.  In high school we took different paths.  One of us sang and toured with the church choir.  One of us had blue air and wore a wedding dress to a Madonna concert.  And one of us had a steady boyfriend so steady that she neglected precious friendships.  And even though we were very different, we remained wonderful friends.  So we didn’t need a high school reunion to keep in touch.   

Somewhere in the midst of growing up we purchased friendship rings and had the rings engraved with B.F.F. and the date.  It was super serious stuff for 13-year-old girls.  Over the decades one of the rings was lost, one was stolen, and one was tucked away in a jewelry box for safe keeping.  But over the decades our friendship has lasted through different colleges, and marriages, and babies, and pounds, and now wrinkles. 
I think I’ll have this one printed, framed, and put it next to my bed.

Miss you two already!
A lot.

ps-If you’re reading this I’ve shamelessly hacked into the neighbor’s wireless.  I know.


  1. you are beautiful. i love real life friends and blog friends. i like when they merge into one.

    also, i FINALLY have a pic I wanted to submit to the black and white contest and it's too late. that's ok. i just wasn't inspired until today. can't wait to see who wins.

  2. Glad you had a great reunion and was able to get such a wonderful shot of your friends with you! Glad you "found" some internet too!

  3. I love these life long friends! Nothing compares to them or can every replace the memories they placed in our hearts!

  4. hahaha! That last line made me giggle. I have a friend who whined and whined and whined about her internet service being unreliable. When I kindly suggested that she stop whining and change her provider, she said, "I can't.... It's the neighbors WiFi." It totally cracked me up.

  5. It is an awesome picture - says a 1000 things about you and about good friends. You are blessed!

  6. Miss you too.....had lots of fun. See you when you return to the sun!

    PS--give your hubby a message for me....tell him "its a sawmill, not a kitty litter mine." He'll know what I mean!

  7. oh...through tear stained eyes I struggle to find the words that measure up to a response...and yet...all I can come up with is a sense of gratfulness and a "ditto" blessed I am to have the two of you in my life...yesterday, today and tomorrow. ox heathe


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