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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sunday Snapshot {Tess in the Field}

Tess is always on.  Always.  She seems to feel things more intensely.
More happiness.
More anger.
More frustration.
More fear.
More joy.
She plays harder, cries louder and laughs more frequently than my children and other children I've had the privilege to know.  Despite her size, she's incredibly strong.  And agile.  And flexible.
She has few fears and a high pain threshold, likely due to living in the orphanage, which often leads to dangerous situations.   She can scream louder and does it more frequently than I ever imagined possible.  She often bites and kicks and scratches.  She often kisses and hugs and has a smile that consumes her whole face.
She is more eager to say hello to every. single. stranger. that she comes across, and hold their hand and tell them a story.  She falls asleep on the turn of a dime, and until that moment she runs and plays very very hard.
How much of this is due to orphanage life?  How much of this is just a part of who she is?  How much of this is a result of coping skills she learned to survive?
I have no idea.
It doesn't really matter much any more.
Tess is always on.
And always loved.
A lot.

Sunday Snapshot


  1. Your Tess is a beauty. :) The way you describe Tess sounds just like I describe my Madilyn. :) Two peas in a pod. :) Have a blessed weekend!

  2. These are all incredibly gorgeous shots that just make you want to dance and laugh with her! Beautiful post!

  3. You and I are synced. I was mentally toying with doing a series of shots that looked like they were taken in a photo booth, much like these. with mini borders. She is so lovely. You capture her so well with photos and words. I love this girl. Wish my kids could come over and scream and laugh and cry with her.

  4. gorgeous photos! love the sun flare and her captured personality!

  5. How precious is your Tess!!!

    She sounds a lot like my Shea.

    "Always on."

    Very intense about everything.

    But always loving and always greatly loved!

  6. Your words definitely have made me pause and think...think about how they apply to my L & M. I love this series of Tess images. Thank you for sharing this.


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