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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Snapshot {Learning to Ride}

I should have done it sooner.
But in the city, the roads are just a little too busy.
But now that we're at little cabin in the woods, there's plenty of opportunity to learn how to peddle and steer.
Plus we had to wait until they're little feet were finally long enough to reach the peddles.
And off she went in an instant.  A new found freedom.
But with this new adventure comes an opportunity.
An opportunity to reinforce sharing.
The whole sharing thing doesn't go over well.
And Tess runs off to hide behind a tree and suck her fingers.
Jude doesn't give in.  Because after all,  it is his turn, and we are so about taking turns!
And Tess takes the tantrum to a new level...
... laying in the middle of the street crying.  Lucky we're not in the city.

Still Jude doesn't relinquish the tricycle.
And Tess begrudgingly watches and waits.
Then a final opportunity, to learn to play together.  Certainly that has to be better than turn taking.
And they both learn it can be fun when one rides and the other pushes.
By the way... don't think it went unnoticed by the Crazy 8 parental division.  We saw it.
In addition to riding the tricycle, Tess has also learned how to pick out and put on her own socks and shoes.  Apparently I haven't done much in the way of emphasizing the life skill of matching.
Oh well.

Sunday Snapshot


  1. How cute are they? Siblings, gotta love it! The picture of Tess hiding and sucking her fingers is so sweet. :) She looks like she got caught! ;) Have a wonderful Sunday!!

  2. Personally, I LOVE her sense of style!

    Also, notice that there are still trees, and must be a cabin and can't see smoke in the air. I don't keep up on news much - is the fire still burning?

    Have a blessed time in the woods!

  3. speechless over the cuteness of your children and this wonderful post!!! Love it and Love Tess' style! Soooo "Tess"!

  4. I love that she picked out two different crocs LOL So cute!

  5. That's the current style/trend, so she fits right in with the cool girls. The two of them are so sweet riding together. We are going to have to chat about these tantrums. After all these years my sweet L just started them...and they are FEROCIOUS!


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