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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pow Wow in the Pines-part 2 in which we find ourselves lovin' families

    In Arizona, we don't worry about earthquakes.
    Or flooding.
    Or tornadoes.
    Or hurricanes.
    Or tsunamis.
    Or volcanoes.
    But we do have fires regularly.   
    Yes, the Wallow fire is still charring God's gorgeous land.  My Arizona.  469,000 acres so far, making it the biggest forest fire in Arizona's history.  Thankfully some containment has been accomplished, now at 18%.  The fire is still about 30 miles northeast of us.  Part of me is sad that this land burns.  But part of me understands that even though this fire was most likely started by man, the burns are part of God's way.  The way the forests get cleaned up, and deposit nutrients into the soil.  But when people live on the land, we can't just let nature run it's coarse.  We must keep our forests clean and alter the path of the fire so homes and communities aren't destroyed.  Not to mention the wild life.  We've seen so many endangered animals in the land including so so many bald eagles and their nests.  I am sad my state burns.  But I know we must find a balance to live on the blessed land.

There are the most incredible images of the fire and the people it has impacted here.  

Ok... enough of the fire and on to the pow wow.
    It was such a wonderful event to attend!  Even if I was just a bystander!  Last year I was completely struck with the patriotism displayed at the pow wow.  This event and it's participants were/are full of love for our country and its veterans and our flag.   It overcame me.
And again I was overcome this year.  Maybe it was the deep boom of the drums.  Or possibly the extra large snow cone prompting a sugar-induced coma.

This year I came away with this amazing sense of family.  Just normal plain ol' families being together and facing the same ol' stuff we all do.  Families make me happy in general.  Maybe that's weird.  Maybe not.
Like this little one that obviously had to have her CapriSun during the Grand Entrance.  I mean, how regular.   Why am I struck that it would be any other way?

Or this mama.  I love this mama.  I want to be her.
Here she is, with a very little baby girl in tow.  Already she's imparting to her daughter pride and inclusion, that she's not gonna hand her off to someone else, but include her in this dance.  This one chokes me up.  Did you notice her sweet little earrings?

And while were on the subject of adorable babies...
Oh my!  Someone help me! I want another!!!!  7 is lucky, right?

Like I mentioned before, the children this year were so... everywhere!

I love this little guy!
Hi little guy.  Wanna come home with me?  I have otter pops!  And LOTS of kiddos to play with!
Notice the Patrick, starfish on his outfit!  It's a natural blend of native American heritage and Sponge Bob Square Pants!  That would be just like my boys to have something like that.  To make sure they had a Power Ranger on their outfits.

I'd like to think these gorgeous women are sisters.  They probably aren't, but their outfits were so similar and they were talking and interacting like they were sisters, so I assume they were from the same tribe and good friends.
See how they are gabbing away?  They did that for a long time.  My sister is in Japan.

This papa was dancing with his boy next to him.
His boy kept getting in the way a bit, trying to ask his dad a question in the middle of the dance.  The papa finally had to stop right in the middle of everything and talk to his boy.  Still, look at the them, together, parenting, in the middle of it all.

There was a family sitting directly in front of us.  I am assuming these two are brothers.

Here's one of the brothers again.  But sometimes it's the background that makes me keep a picture.  
Look at that adorable little girl, looking up at the older kids!  Help me now! 

Siblings helping oneanother were at every turn.
I don't have a clue who their mama is, but she must have been bursting with pride.

Why is it my kiddos are rolling around on the floor over a doughnut?   {Sigh...}


  1. Gorgeous pics, Nancy. I wish J was even HALF as chubby as that baby in the photo!

  2. Oh I would so love to go to a Pow Wow some day. I've always had a fascination with Native American culture. Lucky you getting to experience it first hand! All the colour in these photos made me smile!

  3. The costumes are so intricate! Really amazing. Thanks for giving me new eyes for the families in our area.

  4. Nancy

    WOW- stunning photos!

    Pow Wow ARE all about family and traditions. The rules regarding the dance ring and the drum impart a sharing and kindness to others, which naturally falls into the family dynamic.

    Having participated in pow wows for years, I can tell you there is no better activity for grounding kids and imparting character to them. From making their regalia (proper word for the outfits), to learning the dances, to respecting the drum and other dancers, to accepting not 'winning' the show dances gracefully, or helping younger kids.

    Thanks for sharing with your readers and the blogosphere!

  5. Please don't call them costumes. Costumes are for Halloween. Call them outfits or regalia.


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