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Monday, June 6, 2011

Pow Wow in the Pines-part 1, in which we find ourselves shopping and eating

My internet is so very unpredictable up here!  I'm never sure if I'm gonna have it and when it's going to stop working for no reason at all.  That's a very small price for nirvana I guess!

This weekend we did one of my very favorite things to do of all times.  The first weekend in June is always the time for the local pow wow, the Hon-Dah Pow Wow in the Pines.  My native American roots go pretty far back, far enough back that nobody in my family really has and specific details anymore.  I know that my great great great grandmother was a full Choctaw Indian from Arkansas, and she was married to a white man.  Aside from her name, Hattie, that's about all I know.  (Kicking myself for not naming one of my daughters Hattie!)  Never-the-less, my papa always made sure I knew and had pride in my ancestry.  Mostly he made she that I appreciated and respected the differences in all cultures.  Ironic that little-cabin-in-the-woods literally sits on the "international border" of the Apache Indian nation.

So I'll warn you, if you're not really up to  seeing all that a pow wow has to offer, you may want to ignore my little blog and comeback in a week.  I tried desperately to get Livy to help me narrow down the 2.6 gabbozillion pics I took.  And when she was little help, I begged Papa to help me weed out the good ones.  He eliminated 2 and promptly fell asleep.  So I'll spend the next few days posting images from the pow wow as I get them edited.

If you've never visited a pow wow and you get the chance, please go!  And hang on to your hat and prepare to have you senses pounded... in a really good way!  The pow wow has a way of touching my soul on so many levels.

We'll start with a easy transition.... shopping!
They take Visa and MasterCard.
Liv was looking for a ring.  I was looking for nothing, but came away with an early birthday present from Papa.  See the one in the middle?  I'm pretty sure it's getting wrapped up for moi!
Papa reminded me that as women get older their jewelry tends to get bigger.  I'm pretty sure I kicked him in the shins right about then and told him it was gorgeous.  Gotta love that it's held together in the back by tying a string!
How 'bout a kachina doll?  That'd scare the pants off of me in the middle of the night when I was walking from the bathroom in the dark!
See the haze from the forest fire?
The fire is now up to 193,000 acres and thankfully not burning in our direction but going east.  Sorry New Mexico.  It's about 60 miles northeast of us.  Anyone with breathing troubles has been advised to leave the area.  Scary stuff.

If shopping isn't you deal, then there's always food!  Snow cones are one of my favorites!
Mutton is pretty common on the reservation.  I've never had steam corn stew, and if hadn't had been so hot, I would have tried it.  I was surprised not to see acorn stew on the menu, which I have had.  It's an acquired taste.

The pow wow starts with an offering to the dancers and drummers.  A song is played, (think loud booming drums and chanting) and anyone can enter the arena a put money on the rug.  It was a bit breezy so the corner of the blanket was turned over so the money didn't blow away.  Patch and Livy made contribution.  Did I mention the pow wow is always free?  It's the least we could do.
There's a lot of this to come.
And this.
And this.  My goodness, the children this year stole my heart!
Stay tuned!
Sorry.  I couldn't resist.  It's a warped sense of humor, I know.


  1. I absolutely LOVE snowcones. I think I get frantically excited every time I pass a stand. Love the pictures (as always). The colors are great.

    Jackie @

  2. We're south of Santa Fe, and the smoke kept our windows closed for a few days! We've only lived here three years. It's really good to see the reservations from this perspective!


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