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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Picture Perfect {June}

Oh my goodness!  Summer has been so good.   And keeping me so busy with sewing and crafting and walks and naps...  pure bliss I tell ya!

Sorry about the glitch on not being able to link up to Picture Perfect.   Got it all figured out now, so please link up if you'd like to participate.  There's only 6 more days to enter then some voting will be going on for a few days before I choose the winner.  Please vote and help me choose a the winner!  Photographers of ALL levels are encouraged to participate!   All the directions are below and it's easy to enter!

And please feel free to browse around the entries and see some wonderful and inspiring black & white images!  There are some faces with eyes to die for!  (comments are greatly appreciated and might make someone's day!)

Here's another b&w for some encouragement!
Architecture makes for lovely black&white!
Wow, I'm really exclamation point heavy today always.  Oh well.
Happy summer all!!!  You have no idea how busy I've been taking naps, reading books, going to the park with the littles, playing cards, and taking walks in the woods.  Pure bliss I tell you!  But I can't pass up Picture Perfect!

Picture Perfect is a monthly photo contest here at Ordinary Miracles & The Crazy 8.  
    Drum roll please...
    black & white

    After last month's color entries I thought it was only proper to follow it up with this!  I've been trying to work on my black & white processing for a while, and it seems like its just that... a process to learn!  At first I tined almost everything with warm chocolate tones.  I loved that warmth and still do.  Can you see the bit of chocolate tones in my nephew's baby pic?  But recently I prefer the cooler black & whites, and surely this trend will also pass.  Call me fickle.  Just don't call me Shirley!  (Man, I loved that movie!)

    There's nothing like black & white to see textures and light.  And as fun as it is to have those colors that pop and make the photo, the absence of color makes me concentrate on the depth of the image.  Often, as I edit, like I did with this image of these 3 cuties last night, I start with color versions and find that I love the pic.  Then for kicks I'll attempt a black & white version thinking that surely I won't like it as much as the color version.  Inevitably, I like the black & white versions much much more that the color one.  When I got done with this picture of the cutest family ever, identical twin boys that are 5 years old and there sister, I wondered why I even attempted a color version!  It was born to be black & white.  There's also a big ol' swing set in the black ground of this photo.  The bokeh helps be less distracting, but it's really the black & white that ensures all you see are the kiddos.

    Ok, don't be afraid to participate!  Point & shoots and beginning photographers are very welcomed!  If you don't have editing software, you can try Picnik.  It's free and pretty easy to follow along. 

    • Photos can be taken any time but should be taken by the person that submits the photograph.
    • Enter more than one photo (in separate posts) if you want!  Up to 3 entries.
    • Photos can be post processed (or not) using whatever method you prefer (Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture, Picnic...)
    • Don't be intimidated by others' entries.  We love looking at images from photographers of all levels!  Inspiration comes from so many places.
    • You have approximately 3 weeks to enter then I'll announce the winner the last week of the month!
    1. Make a post on your own blog that features your photo entry (and any text if you want telling a little bit about the subject matter and why you chose it.)
    2. Add the Picture Perfect button to a post on your blog.    Just copy the code under the Picture Perfect button and paste it into the body of your Picture Perfect post where you'd like the button to be displayed.  The button and the code is right over there on the right side bar on top.  When you click "publish" it it will show up fine. 
    3. Come back and link up at the bottom of this post.  (It's not hard... really!)  ***Feel free to link up to Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa or whatever, in lieu of a blog if you prefer.***
    • Bragging rights!
    • Brownie points!
    • Bloggie-crack! (a.k.a. comments on your blog)
    • My undying admiration!
    • Hits on your blog!
    • And if you win, a wicked cool Picture Perfect blog badge that announces to all your readers that you won!  (OK, it's not really "wicked cool" but still!)
    Can't wait to see what you come up with!  I'll close entries on June 24th. 
    (Because you guys were no help at all picking a winner last month, I've enabled a voting system.  
    Not sure how it works.  But we're gonna give 'er a whirl!)


    1. This will be such a challenge for me as black and white seems so difficult! Looking forward to the challenge!

    2. Thanks for the nudge to go and play with black and whites!

      Love the pic of Tess - the reflection in her sunglasses, her lips - Gorgeous!

    3. I copied the code in my post and the button didn`t show. :( What am I doing wrong?

    4. Code won't work in my posts either. weird. I just linked up without your button?!

    5. I have my fave, hmmm, which one is it, it's the one that made me go, Awe... and God Bless America! Of course, who can resst all those precious and absolutely beautiful children? Hard to choose.


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