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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Paradise lost and The Wallow fire

This is the land that is being consumed by the Wallow fire.  I took this pic two years ago.  Currently the Wallow fire is about 40 miles north of our little cabin in the woods.  Slurry bombers pass over head many times a day.  I am so so sad about this beautiful land.  This is one of our favorite places to picnic and fish, and we've spotted elk, deer, mountain goats, and many bald eagles.  My heart is sad.   Here are some pics of this area from the first summer Tess and Jude were home and again last year.

And this is a pic i copied from our local news.  Its on the drive to our picnic spot.
Even though we deal with forest fires every summer, we expect them either to die down naturally or be contained with a reasonable amount of time.  Not only is neither is happening with this fire, but there is no prediction that either will happen soon.  It is so so dry here.  And yes, it's always dry in Arizona.  But this summer seems to be especially dry.  I can't seem to get Tess and Jude's eczema under control.  And there's so much static cling in the house that we keep shocking ourselves and Tess's hair is constantly clinging to her face.  The extra dry conditions of course make the fire spread more quickly.  And the fire is big enough now, that it is creating it's own weather, including dry lightening, and extra wind to fan the flames.

Pre Tess and Jude and Denny, in 2002, I was here in the White Mountains.  I was very pregnant with Boo, escaping the desert heat and was staying at my in-law's cabin.  The biggest forest fire that has ever swept through Arizona came, and we had to leave.  That fire burned 468,000 acres.  The Wallow fire has currently charred 311,000 acres and is still 0% contained.  There is no rain in the forecast but more wind is expected.  Much of mountains that the fire is burning through isn't accessible by automobiles and barely accessible by people.

There are over 2,500 people fighting the fire.  It's incredibly dangerous work.  If you'd join me in praying for the safety of hotshots.


  1. Heard about this on the news here in China, believe it or not! So very sad. I will pray with you, Nancy.

  2. In China? Jeebeez! I don't watch a lot of tv when I'm up here at the little cabin. I was shocked to see it on the national news yesterday. But China?! Wowzers. Thanks for the prayer, J. It keeps getting bigger.

  3. I posted a picture a few days ago of the reddish haze that was obscuring our view of the mountains here in NM. The next night, my parents in KS saw the haze and smelled the smoke. It's so sad - so incredible what a huge area can be affected by such a fire. I'm praying for the firefighters. I hope your cabin will be ok.

  4. Its now international news, the smoke can be seen in Iowa, and its the number one fire-fighting priority in the nation. Its so very very sad.


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