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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Papa's day...

... has a routine in the Crazy 8 household.  A routine of Papa's choosing.
It's the way he likes it, so we keep it that way.  Year after year after year.

The U.S. Open falls on Father's Day every year.  And my man likes his golf.  So the day starts has lots of uninterrupted golf watching.  And by lots I mean hours.  This year T&J used this opportunity to play "jungle gym Papa."  A favorite game of theirs.  And for a while I let them.

During golf watching, we cater to his desires, which specifically means Wavy Lays potato chips, sour cream with Lipton onion soup mix stirred in, and Diet Coke, poured in a glass over ice.  The kiddos serve him couch side.  With unlimited refills of course.  They like to be his waiter or waitress because they get to sneak bites of potato chips and sips of soda.  Don't tell them we're on to their little secret.

And for the past several years the dinner menu has been the same too.  Steak with a baked potato, and a veg. served on the porch.
This year it was getting pretty late, so we needed lots of candles.
Sprinkled with many cards and notes and special little goodies just for him.
Happy Papa's Day, Papa.  It was a delight to serve you today and everyday.

PS--The fire is up to 511,000 acres and 51% contained.  {Sigh...}

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  1. My hubby is a golf fan too and he was glued to the tube. :) That's okay, they deserve it! :) Very cool pictures! :)

  2. Thank you babe. I loved every minute of Father's Day. See you soon.


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