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Thursday, June 16, 2011

For 15 minutes this morning

Jude, who has to have things just so, has to be right, and who is compelled to correct the inaccuracies of the world.
And Tess, who can't resist pushing people's buttons.
J-Someday I be a daddy.  Just like my daddy.
T-sweetly she adds-I be a daddy too.
J-No, Tess.  I be a daddy.  You can be the mommy.
T-I be the daddy.
J-getting concerned-I'm going to be a daddy.
T-I be daddy.  
J-now getting upset- No!  I be a daddy!
T-I be dad with you.
J-You're not going to be a dad with me!
T-I dad.
J-I'm going to be a dad, and you are going to be a mom.
T-No.  I be daddy.
J-Tess, you be the mommy, cause you're a girl.  I be the the daddy!
T-I be daddy.
J-No!!!!!!!  I be a daddy, Tess!
***insert 13 more minutes of the above***
T-I be daddy.
J-No, I want to be a daddy!
T-I be dad.   I be dad.  I be dad.  I be dad.
J -Mama, tell Tess I want to be a daddy.  
M-Tess, you can be a mommy because your a girl, and Jude can...
T-interrupting me-I be a daddy!
J- running to his room crying and screaming.  I want to be a daddy!
T- now chanting.  I be a daddy.  I be a daddy.  I be a daddy...
T-Ok, I'll be a mommy.  There.
J-I want to be a daddy someday.
T-You be a daddy, and I be a mama,
J-and I'll be a daddy.
T-You be daddy.

J-Just checking that everyone is on the same page-I going to be a dad. I'm going to be a dad, Tessy.  I'm going to be a papa.  

T-I want to eat cereal.
J-I want to eat pancakes.
T-chanting agian-I want cereals.  I want cereals.  
J-running and screaming into his room.  I want pancakes!!!


  1. Classic! How wonderful that you wrote that one down. What fun they'll have years from now re-reading it. Happy belated birthday too. I loved your list of 43 things and was relieved to see I had a "twin" in my refusal to separate laundry, and my dislikes of lateness and shopping. But you really should floss...

  2. Oh my....adorable and yet something that would have probably driven me mad after 2 minutes of it! :)


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