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Thursday, June 9, 2011


Happy birthday to me!
43 things about me.
That's a lot of things.  I mean that's a hugely enormousness amount of things!
That's a lot of years.
But today I take note of my 43 years with 43 things about myself.
(It's my egocentric self-serving blather on this blog, and today it's gonna revolve around me!  Amuse me if you will!)
  1. I come from the new modern family from divorce, remarriage, step parents and half brothers & sisters.
  2. I've wanted at least 10 children (preferably 12) from as far back as I can remember.
  3. I worked as a bookie one summer!  It was one of the funnest jobs I ever had!
  4. I taught elementary school for several years before being a full time mama, mostly middle school.  I really miss that job.  
  5. I miss making my own money.
  6. I don't consider myself either a Republican or Democrat.  There are things I abhor and adore about both parties.
  7. I wanted to be an astronaut when I grew up.  But then I figured out that there were no female astronauts at that time and I figured there must be a very good and medical reason for that. (ie women having their periods in space would be totally inconvenient.)
  8. I make my bed everyday, almost.
  9. I don't really floss.
  10. Papa and I started dating when we were 15 and 16 years old. 
  11. Papa and I broke up once... for about 5 minutes.
  12. I don't believe in separating the laundry into light/darks or different colors or having separate loads of towels or linens.  In theis crazy house, all laundry has to be strong to stand up on its own, and if it can't pass the I-put-all-the-laundry-in-at-one-time test, than I don't want it in my house.  I don't believe in folding fitted sheets either.  I just roll them up in a ball and smoosh them down.
  13. My first car was a yellow 1970 VW bug.  I miss that car.
  14. I'm horribly domestic.
  15. I've actually lived in a VW bus.  I miss that bus.
  16. I never wanted to live in a big city, yet I do.  Papa and I have tried to move out of the city 3 times in the last several years.  We still hope to some day.
  17. I am not a girly-girl.
  18. My top 3 movies of all time right now are Guess Whose Coming to Dinner, An Education, Gone with the Wind, and Raising Arizona.  
  19. I was a band geek.
  20. I consider my ancestry to be mostly Irish, Polish, Native American and North Carolina-ian.  I think that makes me an American melting-pot mut.
  21. I've never smoked a cigarette.
  22. My first concert was Huey Lewis & The News.  Papa's dad took us.  
  23. My papa was a fireman.  I thought that was really neat when I was little.  I miss my papa being a fireman.
  24. I was born to a teenage mom.
  25. I'm not very creative, but I am a great thief of ideas.
  26. I did a college paper on my favorite author, Theodor Geisel. (aka Dr. Suess)
  27. I can not stand being late!
  28. I tried for an entire semester to get my high school civic's teacher to stop grading on a curve by raising the bell curve so high that everyone in the class would fail but me.  It worked.
  29. I can wiggle my nose.
  30. My grandmother called it purring.  Sadly, all the women on my dad's side of the family do it.   But let's get real.  I snore.  
  31. I'm afraid of hair.  Only detached hair.  Really.
  32. I've had the chick pox 3 times.  
  33. I don't like chocolate or coffee or soda. It's not a statement.  I just don't like them.
  34. My first major in college was pre-med.
  35. My first camera was a Pentax.
  36. I think all tennis shoes should be white.
  37. I once broke a chair just by sitting in it.  Ok, make it 4 chairs. 
  38. When I had my first child, I declared I would have no plastic toys in my house.  I was very foolish.
  39. I love to curse.  It's wrong, I know, and I really try not to, but I do love it.
  40. I like rap music and think that Eminem is an artist.
  41. I'm a poor reader at best.
  42. If I could live anywhere right this very minute it would be Hội An, VietNam.
  43. I don't like to go shopping... ever.  Unless it's for fabric.  


  1. Happy Birthday! Why do we have time to make the bed everyday but don't sort laundry? I totally do the same thing. We use floss at our house, one of my boys has Thomas connected to his freight cars with it. Lol...

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday! Ummm, we do sort laundry and floss, but no bed making! Chicken Pox 3 times? Ouch!

  3. Happy Birthday. I don't floss either. I am sure my dentist hates me. I only have 2 kids and I don't seperate the laundry either...Sounds to me like a pretty rocking 43 years young you are!

  4. that was so fun to read! Happy Birthday! That made me want to do a little get-to-know me bullet style of my own. well, maybe after I feel better.

  5. Happy Birthday!!! :) Super fun post!

  6. Happy happy Birthday! Make sure and get birthday pictures with your hubby and kiddos!

  7. Happy Birthday.......your still older then me! Some of those made me laugh out loud! You and your cursing! I remember the VW too....everyday to school! Hope you have a great day....see you soon!

  8. Happy Birthday! (:
    Hope you have a very wonderful and special day! I loved this post it was so interesting! hehe we have some things in common lol
    Birthday wishes from Nebraska~
    -Kirstie Bikakis

  9. Happy birthday dear one. I love this. I love your guts. 43 seems like a great age.

  10. Happy Birthday! Such a fun list to read and some real suprises =).

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. Happy somewhat belated birthday, Nancy! I loved your post. May the coming year bring you all kinds of new and wonderful

  13. Happy Birthday to YOUUUUU!!! You are now the same age as me...I loved reading your list. Amazing how a lot of the things you wrote I am the opposite.

    How can you not love chocolate??
    It was fun to get to know you.

    I hate shopping also.

  14. Happy Birthday! I just stumbled across your blog and am delighted to have "met" you! Love your photography! Donna

  15. I want to right a blog post about the 43 things I love moat about this wonderful woman God gave to me but I could not cut the list down to only 43. I think it would need a few zeros in the number like 4,300 or maybe 43,000. That still might not get it done though.

  16. Cursing, fear of detached hair, band geek, rolling up the fitted sheet, my dear I think we were separated at birth! Happy Birthday Nancy!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Oh my gosh, one of my favorite posts from you EVER! It just reminded me of when I lived with you and all those "quirks" I love about you!
    We are so similar and entirely different at the same time! 10 kids for you, and none for me! I claim no political party either, I try and make my bed everyday, I NEVER floss (until the day before my dental visits) I am pretty sure I learned my fitted-sheet folding method from you.

    I'm horribly domestic too (We must get that from Nana right??)

    I love living in big cities..this small town stuff is for...well, people like you :)

    I am not a girly girl either.

    I smoked like a chimney but thankfully I quit!

    I do not like chocolate or coffee but I do love me some diet soda.

    And I miss sharing evening chats with you...
    and book suggestions
    and life advice...
    and dinner at your house where it was so full of love and peace, so different than what I am used to at family dinners. I love you and think of you and the family often.

    YFS, Sarah


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