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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Winner winner... Color!

Picture {Perfect}
Please forgive the delay for announcing this month's Picture Perfect winner.  I've been without internet for several days now as we transition to our summer.  I've no less than 48 post wandering around in my brain and countless pics that need to be edited and posted.  Internet still isn't back completely.  But for now it is here, so let me not waist another moment!  Let's get down to business and talk about winning!

The First the Runner Up-
Amy, of Whachootalkin'bout, is probably gonna kick me in the shins as I've picked her as runner-up two months in a row now!  But again, like so much of her photography, I love this shot!  Blue skies just convey so much about freedom and summer and joyful abandoned.  Couple the rich blue color with the girl on the swing that seems to convey the exact same feelings, and it's hard not to smile and feel it!  So summery!  The composition is perfect with the sun up there.  Swing shots are so hard to get both the focus and composition right, and I'm envious, Amy!

And without further adieu... 
drum-roll please... 
The winner of Picture Perfect May 2011 is...
Melissa--- First of all, I adore you as a person.  I am truly a better person with you in my life.  And blessed that I've had you in my life for... gulp... almost 30 years now.  And now we have this same itch for photography too?!  Thank you for it all, Melissa.  
But back to the pic... I fell in love with this image for the main reason it jumps out at everyone that sees it... Yellow yellow yellow just takes over and conveys such a feeling of warmth and peace.  There's just a hint of sun flare, and I happen to adore flare.  But this is a shot the obviously would never work out in black&white.  The golden cast takes me right to the ocean and makes me want to be there!  That's what photography should do.  Not to mention the fact that this image is SOOC, (straight out of the camera) un-edited, and taken with a point-and-shoot!  Which I know to be true because I've taught Melissa how to edit and remember when she bought her first DSLR well after with pic was taken!  (I'm going to email you your Picture Perfect winner's badge for your blog.)  Just gorgeous, girlfriend!  Thank you so much for entering this pic and inspiring us.  I am hoping that you have this one framed in your home somewhere!  If not, please do.  It is lovely.  

I'm planning on announcing the theme and starting June's Picture Perfect contest on June 1st!  Feel free to contribute suggestions!


  1. Why Thank You Thank You Thank You! I feel honored to have been chosen, since so many of the photos were absolutely lovely! It is especially wonderful to have been chosen by you, my dear friend, since you and your beautiful photos pushed me to try to learn why mine would never come out so nicely......if I'd have known how much work it was though, I might have just kept on letting you take pictures of my kids instead! :0)

  2. Great color in both - and they really do just engage you, don't they? Love them.

  3. Now you're bringing out the competitive side in me.

  4. Great choice-I think the sun actually hurts my eyes as it leaps off the screen! Love the COLORS!


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