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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunny's prom 2011

I wore an incredibly large hoop skirt for my prom.  
I crammed it into the front seat of a Corvette that Papa drove that night.  
The Corvette was on loan from a friend of the family let us borrow it just for prom.  
(Yes, those are feathers.  Lots of feathers.  No, the eyelashes are not fake.)

I certainly did not have either a manicure or pedicure.  
Having my hair and makeup professionally done did not even cross my mind.  
I borrowed my mother's pearls to go with my pastel pink, very large, lace-trimmed, Scarlett O'Hara dress.    
I'm positive I clopped around in my 2" heels like a farm animal.  
At least the shiny black rented shoes are still the same.  

Sunday Snapshot


  1. Oh, I am sure you were every bit as hot as Sunny though :) Heh. Don't we all like to think that? Does the girl have ANY idea how beautiful she is?! Love the dress. LOVE the shoes!! Love that she looked so perfect for her special night!

  2. You were and still are the must beautiful girl I h have ever seen. Pink hoop skirt and all.

  3. Sunny...beautiful. Unbelievably beautiful. Her date is not bad either!

  4. She looks beautiful and I love the comparison you made. Pretty cool. The pics are great too btw! :) Happy Sunday to you!

  5. she looks awesome! her smile is glorious! i love your comments...thank goodness the 80's are over! Rock on!

  6. AMAZING! She's HOT, and oh my gosh that look she gave you as she turned around?!

  7. What happened to all of the tafeta(sp?) fabric, ruffles, and the white shoes you could dye the color of your dress? I loved those shoes, so resourceful...
    She looks like she really enjoyed herself :o)

  8. Ah, such a change from the 80's. She looks beautiful!

  9. you had me at hoop skirt.

    she looked stunning.
    i could never pull of feathers.


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